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Everyday all of us are faking some part of our personality and going out. We are always in the need to impress people, be it friends, boyfriend/girlfriend, relatives, cousins, and the rest. Our life is determined by competitions and impressions. It’s always there in our minds, that we are too fat, too thin, too small, too big, too dark, our hair is bad, we don’t have enough clothes, we don’t have money to buy this and that. But life is just not this, the physical appearance does not matter always, things are much more than that.
Let’s take a look at some situations, which many of us face, sometime or almost every day.

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The kind of expressions people give, when they come across me, they look at me like I am abnormal, weird and an alien. Just because I am bigger in size? I love my food, I can’t diet, stop eating, and be a stick. It’s not necessary to be paper thin to live in this world, right? I can be fat, I can be healthy, I might not get my cloth size everywhere, But I have my confidence with me. Fat people don’t have fat brains. We are just like any other person, and we have the abilities to be anything we want to be in life. Life is not just clothes right? I can be a superb lawyer, or an entrepreneur, start a dance school, teach kids in school, and I can do anything and everything that I want. My size does not define me, my work does. If I can earn, and spend on myself, give into indulgences, that does not make me any less. Of course I am not saying that one should not be thin or eating too much is good, but then no one has the right to look at me with disgust and question my sanity. It’s a free world, I can live the way they want to. Life is much more than just body size.
People judge you on the basis of a lot of things. And that judgement only matters when that person matters. A lot of people out there can’t afford to buy branded clothes, wear shoes worth thousands, shop almost every day, that does not mean they will stop going out, stop hanging out with friends. Many a times, we come across people who we seem to think of as friends, but money seems to define us in their eyes. It’s the kind of clothes we wear, the kind of malls we go to, the amount of money we spend every day eating out, all this is the basis of their friendship. These are not friends, they never were. My money does not define me, my clothes don’t, but my personality does. I can spend less, but still be beautiful. I might not go out to expensive hotels, which does not mean I never will. I will work hard for it, but that will not be the criteria for my choice of friends. Who said rich people make good friends, and who said they don’t? In fact, how does money even matter in one person knowing other. There are a lot of people out there, who might be super rich, but they don’t show off or make others feel low. Just remember, money or no money, your mind, your heart, your thoughts, your attitude towards others, all this makes your life worth living.

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We can be anything that we want to, do anything that we want to, and the physical appearance does not hold importance. Of course, we need to be presentable, we need to look good, we need to make the world notice us, but that does not involve worrying over something our entire life. If you don’t like the fact that you are fat, sweat it out at the gym, exercise at home, who asked you to stop eating. You can be a foodie your entire life, no one is stopping you. And if you don’t give a damn about your weight and you are happy with yourself, don’t give adman about what others say too. Live with confidence, and life will be good. All of us have that spark in us, to lead a good life, and help others to live their lives too. Every person in the world is beautiful, every person. From the little child fighting cancer with admirable strength to that young boy who is trying to provide education to his siblings, from that fat girl with braces in school to the guy who prefers to sit and study in the library all the time, rather than going out to a nightclub, from the maid’s daughter going to school to the old man, walking on the road, trying to sell things and earn, rather than beg for money, all of these people whom you meet in your life, see sometime or the other, they are all beautiful in their own way. They might be different, you might not be able to identify with them, but they do matter. They do matter to someone, and we should all learn to appreciate their lives, and be proud of humanity, if nothing else.

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