Kindness Matters: A Lot More Than You Thought

Years ago I read a little poem on kindness in some teenage book. It had a lady who smiles at a stranger starting a chain of kindness. That little gesture of her inspires the stranger to be kind to another one and it goes on. The poem taught me how a little act of kindness can travel so far and help so many people on its way. More recently, I was watching a movie where the protagonist tells people that whenever somebody helps them or is kind to them, instead of saying a mere Thank You they should forward the kindness by helping three other people. Sounds like a pretty sweet principle to me.

kindness matters 2

Kindness, one simple word but quite rare we ponder over it. Sometimes we are consciously kind and want to be appreciated for that and expect the same kindness from others around. But it’s not necessary that your gratitude is reciprocated in the same way. In such a situation one feels that their empathy is going wasted. But that’s not the case. If you decide to be generous thinking that you should gain generosity from others as well then that type of kindness is not authentic and is infact dangerous. It can lead to disappointments. Whereas by being humane without expecting anything in return, one dwells in authentic kindness. Such type of kindness and empathy provides comfort to both the sides. The person you are kind to feels elated and somewhere strengthened whereas you yourself feel an inner sense of fulfillment.

Have you ever wondered what marks our time here? If one life can really make an impact on the world? Or if the choices we make matter? I believe they do. And I believe that one man can change many lives… for better or worse!

Everyone wants a simple and happy life. But life works in a lot more complicated way than we want it to. The situations we be in, the hardships we go through and the moments we live are somewhere the consequences of how we choose to behave and the decisions we make. At times we call it fate or destiny but what we do and how we live our life definitely affects the so called “destiny”, ours and of those around us.

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Life makes us go through so many adversities that we get a million reasons to believe that being a good person is of no use, that being kind takes you nowhere and you still have to suffer grief and miseries. In such a moment one is forced to ask himself that why be kind then and whether kindness matters. But it does. The little as well as crucial choices we make every day affects so many people whom we never thought about at all. Your one smile to a stranger might have given her strength to face the troubles. Your one pat over a friend’s shoulder might have got him through a difficult day. Or your one bowl of milk might have helped a homeless puppy recover from illness. And you are not the strongest person on Earth, even you can use some kindness from other people. Sometimes while coming back home after having a ridiculous day at work, you are tired and frustrated. And out of nowhere a little 5 year old walks upto you and holds your hand. Or a 6 month old baby looks at you with those pretty and innocent eyes and all of a sudden you feel like this world is not a bad place after all.

kindness inspires kindness

Such little gestures take nothing but an open and giving heart and it can make a life turning change for somebody. You do not need to keep your life and commitments on hold to show somebody indulgence. All you need to do is stretch your understanding and compassion and take out just a little time. By reaching deep down inside yourself you can also relate to the other person’s sufferings and connect to them on a humanitarian level. And your compassion will not just give them strength and support but will also provide you with a comfort and living fulfillment. And one special thing about kindness is that it is contagious. Your one act of kindness inspires others thus all contributing in making the world a better place to live in.

kindness is contagious

A week ago while walking to an eating joint with a friend we noticed a little girl roaming and crying on streets. Since she wasn’t accompanied by anybody it got us a little worried. We tried to calm her and ask her about her parents and home but she wouldn’t respond. Looking at us talking to the little girl a crowd quickly gathered and helped to find her parents who were at a nearby clinic. That day we could have left the place without noticing her and she still might have got reunited with her parents with the help of somebody else but what if nobody had been kind to her? What if everyone decided to ignore her? The mere thought of it scares me. And moreover after helping her I felt happy and content. Hence it was a win-win.

So the next time you want to do something for someone, be kind to them. You never know your one act of kindness can touch so many souls and bring happiness.

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