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What I’m about to tell you now is not only embarrassing but very uncanny too. I’m dead scared of my phone battery running out; Or any battery running out at all. I start charging my phone when it hits below 80% battery. While there are people around me whose phones are dying and are literally begging to be charged and they couldn’t care less, I charge my phone day in and day out. And if for any reason, like I don’t have my charger or there’s no socket, I can’t charge my phone? I switch it off or stop using it altogether, put it on block mode or something. I get chills down my spine thinking my phone won’t have enough battery. I know It’s something really stupid but I call it low battery phobia. At least that makes it sound less weird. Anyway, the point is we’re all scared of something. I’m scared of cockroaches. As soon as I see one in my bathroom, I run across the hall as if I had seen a zombie. While I know it cannot harm in any way possible, but the thought of it touching me is enough to scar me for a lifetime. Yes, I’m exaggerating a tad bit here but that’s fine I guess. The point is, we all have fears; All kinds of fears. Fear of failure, of heights, of losing someone we love.


Well some are well, obvious fears that we all share. Like that of losing a loved one. No matter how brave you are, or how much you deny it, you simply can’t deny being scared of losing someone you love. People are the most treasured possessions we have, and it takes way too much courage to let go of one, let alone losing them to time or circumstances. There’s an unimaginable kind of pain involved in that kind of loss. We’re all scared of failing too, or not being good enough at something. Some of us are just better at hiding it or don’t take everything seriously so it’s easier for us to take it in a good stride. But believe me, if something really matters to you and you’ve invested time and energy in it, you will find it very hard to cope up with the defeat or even accepting it. And that’s pretty normal because you’ve worked for it all along imagining it to be a success. We all have fears, it’s just that we all have a different approach towards it too. For example, I don’t venture into things I’m not good at so that nobody ever has to watch me fail. I don’t make attempts to be good at something if I haven’t done it before or I think I can’t be good at it. That ways I save myself from the fear of the unknown because If I don’t know about something, I usually wouldn’t walk into it barefoot and clueless; that’s not the approach I follow.


While on the other hand some people are adventurous enough to keep trying new things or at least try to be good at everything they can be. I don’t even taste food I’ve never tasted before. I’m pretty risk averse I guess. And I really envy people who have the guts to take up something new and who aren’t afraid of making a complete fool out of themselves for the sake of gaining some experience. Now, your fear could be your most interesting success story or your biggest failure. Because sometimes, fear actually brings out the best in you. Some of the best debaters and orators I know are the ones who were once afraid of speaking in public. They thought they would fumble or say something wrong and then the crowd would just burst out laughing and they’d be publically humiliated. Well, there’s always a possibility of that, even with the best of speakers. But they tried their hand at it and they succeeded. How will you ever know if there’s anything at all to be afraid of till you don’t give it a shot? How can you just safely assume that it’ll cause you some pain?


It’s like looking at a bowl of hot water and thinking you’ll burn your hand if you put your hand into it. How do you know if it’s really that hot? Maybe it actually comforts you once your hand’s inside. When you’re scared of something, you’re actually giving it more importance in your life than it deserves. And I don’t mean scared of scary movies kind of scared here. Obviously if you watch a horror movie at night, you’re bound to get nightmares. I am not asking you to go look for ghosts and hug them so that you don’t feel scared of them anymore. But anything that’s restricting you, or stopping you from living your life the way you’d want to live with? Those are the kind of fears you need to get rid of. Nobody can promise you that you’ll enjoy facing your fears or that it’ll be a wonderful experience. But once you come out of the victorious, you’re bound to feel a lot better about yourself. It’s okay to be scared, it makes you human. But not so much that it takes away simple joys of life from you. Everything you fear is in your head, and there’s nothing you can’t conquer. Believe that, and you’ll never be scared anymore.


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