Know Your Priorities, Life Would Shine

Childhood is the golden time in everyone’s life; the time loved by almost every person. No tensions, anxieties, all enjoyment and besides studies there are no responsibilities. Playing around with best buddies when small things made us happy. Even today when I reminisce my childhood, it really makes me emotional. How I used to tease my sister. How we used to go to our grandfather’s home to enjoy our summer vacation at the village. Each and every moment was precious and at this stage of life when we don’t have time even to breathe, I am realizing the value of freedom and simplicity of life that we used to have during childhood.

But I am 22 now, who is pursuing his post graduation and thus can’t have the same kind of freedom and simplicity that I used to have earlier. Well, this is obvious. Life progresses and bring different phases, but somewhere I feel that the transition period from childhood to youth in my life was so seamless that I really couldn’t recognize when I became young and when my childhood passed away and the same happens with most people too. Even after reaching in their 20’s,  they want to hold on to their childhood. But every wish doesn’t turnout the way we want it, life doesn’t stop. It goes on and changes.

My life was also changing. New college, new friends, lots of work and a hectic schedule; I was never so used to it. Even my college days were smooth. I never had to take much tension. But this time the scenario was different. My post graduation course needed more attention towards it. Projects, presentations, assignments and a new group of friends, everything needed a proper time. I tried my level best to manage all these things skilfully, but somewhere while managing new things, I was being unable to manage my old relationships . Really, this was the busiest time of my life until now. It really perplexed me in a way.


As usual, I was rushing through the morning time. Continuously looking at the watch I arranged all my important files and books inside the bag. My sister called me to remind that my tiffin was on the table. I sighed and said okay. I would keep that in my bag from inside the room. She has always been caring for me since childhood. She is two years younger than me, but we are like best friends. Since childhood, I have always been her best friend. She does all her stupid acts and drama in front of me that too with complete freedom. Even I love her a lot. She is my queen no doubt, but it had been a long time that we hadn’t talked for a while.  since few days we were only talking hardly for 15 minutes during the breakfast time . Even at that time, sometimes I used to get busy with phone calls or my files or books. I knew that somewhere she would be missing it that her brother didn’t have any time for her. By the time she wouldn’t have told me everything related to her friends, college or anything, her day never used to end. But now we were really not getting a chance to sit and talk endlessly since more than one month.

And that day was no different one. I finished the breakfast as quickly as possible and then ran for my college. She continued staring at me, but not speaking. I knew that inside she was a little resentful to me that I was not giving her time as I used to give her before. I told her a ‘bye’ while bringing out my vehicle from the garage of the house and told her that I would be in my classmate’s room for next three days due to our project and one of my friend’s birthday party. She listened but didn’t respond and went inside the home. Yeah, I understood she was upset because of me, not being able to give her enough time since a long time.

Really, while driving only one thing was going in my head that how should I manage all the things? I really never wanted her to get upset. I felt guilty of not giving her enough time.

I reached the college, gave a fantastic presentation and everything there was up to the mark. Everything took place the way I wanted it to, but that guilt was still there. And it wasn’t only because of that reason, but also because throughout these 2 months I was messing with everything. From my dirty room, to not spend time with anyone, to behave erratically or partying a lot with my new group of friends, these were the things at which I was paying more attention. But life demands balance as well as priority, otherwise it will continue to mess up . No one is going to prioritize it for anyone. Everyone has to manage their life themselves. Life will have its challenges, but that doesn’t mean that I continue to live in this irresponsible way. With all these thoughts I joined my friends in the party. We all were celebrating the party and amid all the songs and dance, my cell phone rang. I picked it up, it was my sister’s friend. She asked me  about my sister as she tried to call her to wish her happy birthday but the number was unreachable. So she called me. As I heard this, I immediately left the party and ran towards my home.

It was already 10 pm in the night. I drove the motorcycle in faster speed to reach home as soon as possible. Now, at this time I was cursing myself for forgetting my sister’s birthday. Now I got the answer why didn’t she respond me in the morning today? Guilt was simply at its peak. I thought it would be better to bring some chocolates for her so I bought some chocolates and then moved ahead. Really, every year I used to celebrate her birthday with so much of enthusiasm and this year I forgot her totally.

Finally I reached home. Mom opened the door and I swiftly moved towards her room. She was sitting there on her bed reading her books. I entered the room singing happy birthday to you, but she didn’t look towards me. She pretended as if she didn’t notice me and I understood that she is angry with me. I put the chocolates on her bed that I had brought for her, even then she didn’t look up. She kept her head down and after sometime she threw the chocolates from her bed. That was the signal that she was hurt a lot today. I took a pause, waited for a few minutes and then said sorry. I repeatedly told her sorry and amid that she started crying like a child. That was the worst moment ever really. Her tears dropped on the pages of the opened book. She was still headed down. She burst out and poured all the anger and resentment on me. Even I got tears in my eyes. I thought how could I do this? I couldn’t control myself seeing her crying  like this, I just hugged her tightly and tried to pacify her. She kept on crying and finally, after some time became silent. I wiped her tears, hold her hands and promised her that I will never ever repeat this. Whatever be the situation, I would try to find out time for her. I have only one sister, who is my best friend too, whom I would never ever like to lose. You are my queen, I told her and she giggled as she heard this. She picked up the chocolates and said that she wouldn’t give me even a single bite of it and smiled. I said yes, my dear sister! It is all for you. And then she divided the chocolate into two parts and gave one to me. We both took our dinner together.

I had completed all my project work and  then on next sunday we went to watch a film of her choice.

Some relationships are valuable, like this one is for me.

This incident really changed me. Now I have learnt to manage and prioritize my life. New relationships, new responsibilities don’t mean that you will take your old relationships for granted and put it aside. It just means that now you have to learn to prioritize the things in your life so that it may always be balanced.

Life is simple and if anytime it gets messed up, prioritize it and sort it out but let the life be balanced. Never take any precious relationships for granted.

Value life, value its simplicity.


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