Know thyself and the inner strength in you

Edward Young stated that- ‘At thirty a man suspects himself a fool; Knows it at forty, and reforms his plan; at fifty chides his infamous delay, Pushes his prudent purpose to resolve; in all the magnanimity of thought resolves; and re-resolves; then dies the same’. This happens to all of us. We being a miniscule existence of the world, tend to acclimatize ourselves with the worldly ways and then forget what inner strength lies within us. Knowing oneself and the true potential hidden inside is what changes the course of one’s life to a higher extent than expected.


There might have been times when you might have tried to question your existence on earth and on your failures which have always debunked you and created a dark cellar inside the heart. There might be times when you would have thought to give up on your jobs, projects and work because of the stressful conditions and unprecedented lack of inner strength. All the factors surrounding a successful life revolve around hard-work, determination, confidence and a work-till-you-get-successful dire attitude that constitutes the result to be positive. Julius Caesar said- ‘Men are nearly always willing to believe what they wish’. It is true in a bitterly sense. If the people surrounding you state that you aren’t worth anything and have no talent in any field then you tend to take them seriously unto consideration. It is this attitude that creates a shield or a barrier onto your inner strength and does not allow it to creep out of the hollow shell that you are pushed into.

You are not a failure and to prove it you need to show the people who tend to give you names and answer them by getting hold of the success that you always vied for. It is only through working till you learn all the tips and tricks of the trade that you could turn out your life into a venturesome journey. Do not get outraged by the sacrilegious behavior of the people around you. They aren’t living your life and they do not tend to know how much you have suffered. It is world around where people nowadays rarely are able to stand still or moreover doff their caps when a funeral procession passes by. People do not give respect to the dead and you on the other hand, are a live commodity. Don’t vitiate or debase the quality of your thoughts. Have a mindset of simple living and high thinking.

There are many who brag about having performed well at some exam or in their life but their particular journey has been unprepossessing. You do not need bragging to gain attention but by being humble of your success and by understanding the true meaning of the inner strength underlying inside, you can easily become the cynosure of all eyes. Rummage through the experiences of your life and learn a lesson from each one of them. Be the philosopher of your own. Do not let others handle out your life and make you act as their puppet. There are times when you might have to perforce to the situation but remember well that- Tough times may well pass but it is the tough ones that actually tend to stand.

Rendezvous with your inner strength might not happen immediately but you can enhance it through experience and learning. It is only through polishing that the true worth and virtue of a diamond can be estimated and same goes for the inner strength. The calmness, composure and equanimity of the soul are what allow you to understand the true potential inside yourself. Do not use pedantic methodology of understanding life but make use of each and every opportunity that life provides you and prove yourself worth living. Inner strength is all about defeating the pusillanimous shadow of fear hidden inside. There isn’t anything in this world that you cannot achieve. There isn’t any position that you cannot get into. It all depends upon the mindset of the person and their perception towards their own abilities and strengths.

Predispose yourself into the world of success. Do not remain in the reverie as they are short-spanned, but work hard to make the fantasies turn into reality. Working incessantly might either lead you to the desired position or not but it would help you to understand that you do not have limitations abiding you. You are a free bird and have the inner strength and features that would help you to fly higher and higher and climb the heights unimaginable. The state of perplexity, confusion and puzzlement are all parts of life. The obstacles and difficulties would arrive at your doorstep time to time but it is only through fighting these nightmares and attaining a rigorous aura can you be able to withstand the storms hitting you.

Know thyself in the best possible manner and spend time with your thoughts. The manacles of your mind would be shattered by the strength of your inner self. It is high time you worked upon to know about the true potential inside you. It is time that you look up to yourself and repeat to thyself that there is nothing like impossible out there. For you, everything is possible and attainable.

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