Knowledge is Power

Albert Einstein once said, “The only source of knowledge is experience.” Knowledge is eternal and enduring. Knowledge does not suffer the fate as broken walls, broken houses, broken streets and broken cities. Knowledge lasts forever. Knowledge is certainly not the absolute truth about life and death but it is the only thing that helps us to live and confront the numerous challenges of day to day life. It is not what we learn from books. It is not something that makes us realize what will happen or what is happening. In fact, knowledge is deeper than such futile arguments. Its depth lies in the hearts of men and women of good will. The true essence of knowledge lies in good will. It lies in serving the populace rather than serving your own ambitions. Knowledge serves a futile purpose if used only for oneself.

Despite having spent all the years mugging up books, rote learning, classifying objects, learning dates, discussing politics and restoring antiquities you might still not know everything and the right things to say to the right people at the right time. If someone asks you questions, you might not be able to answer them. Knowledge is not what you gain from such kind of learning. True knowledge is that when you know about the subject even if you have been confronted with the question for the very first time.

It is absolutely necessary to pass down knowledge from one person to the other, from mother to child, from sister to brother. Knowledge thrives on a continuous cycle of circulation. It needs to be passed down from one generation to another. Some will write down, others will remember, some will tell others what they have heard and thus the four corners of the world will be in full synchrony. The soul of the world will be preserved through knowledge and the posterity will be able to rebuild old cities as centers of knowledge and as places where peace will reign over turmoil. Our knowledge helps us to negotiate for peace and get prepared for all the battles in life.

knowledge is power

Our task is not to record our knowledge and wisdom, history will take care of that. Our task is just to stay true to our knowledge. We have to speak about our daily lives and about the challenges that we have faced. Our task is not to leave a record of what happened till date because I do not believe very much will change in the future. The future will only be interested in our daily lives. While answering all the questions and while imparting knowledge, forget all the fears and stay true to yourself. There is nothing to fear about. None of us can know what tomorrow will hold for us. Each one of us has his or her ‘good’ or ‘bad’ moments. Each day has its good and bad moments.

Speak about what you know; about birth or death, victory or defeat. Knowledge is something which should not be hidden. It should be presented in all its sanctity in its true form. For those who seek knowledge instead of imparting it must respect their teacher. Always seek knowledge. Do not die of ignorance. Do not shy away from gaining knowledge in whatever form it may come. Do not feel that you are the ultimate preacher even if you have learned much. The pot of knowledge never gets filled to the brim. There is always something more to learn, to add to your brain after that saturation point. The greatest enemy of knowledge is the illusion of knowledge. Never get disillusioned. Always try to learn more and more.

True knowledge is about knowing the difference between the spirit and the matter. Do not focus entirely on matter and the bodily needs. Pay due attention to the knowledge of the spirit. Do not invest in money or other matter. An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. It stays with you for long and helps you achieve many significant things in life. Open new horizons, stretch your mind to new ideas and watch the shape that it takes. Real knowledge does not come easy. It has to be worked for, studied for, thought for, prayed for and most of all respected. To acquire knowledge and wisdom in life, one must study and observe. Moreover, the true value of knowledge does not come by knowing. Knowledge needs to be constantly applied. Simply, knowing everything is not enough. A thorough knowledge of even a single subject with full usage of various techniques, methodologies and applications is definitely worth more than multiple university degrees.

Innovation is the heart and soul of all the knowledge that you acquire over time. Your knowledge and skill gets tested and shines even more through innovative ideas and applications. Knowledge is gained by learning. You only have to believe yourself and have faith in your own abilities. You know more than you think you do. Also, you can still learn more than you think you can. Every addition to our true knowledge is an addition to your personality, to your power. After all, knowledge is power!

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