We all have that part of us that is a big secret for the rest of the world, even for our parents or our close friends. We have that character in us that is exclusive , our real identity ; safely concealed and protected. Sometimes it takes very long for one to get in touch with oneself , to know the inner most conscience of one’s own self and sometimes its just too easy to get. But once you are in touch with that part of your’s you would never want to lose it.

the me not known to others

That secret personality or trait is hidden inside us and it never comes out when we are with others , no matter how close that person is, it just comes out when we are alone , in alienation probably. We tend to think over it, analyse it. I t brings out a totally different person, probably someone others would never come to know about because that’s just you. It’s that special part, trait, character or emotion of you that rarely comes out but when it does it leaves an everlasting effect. It makes you more comfortable and sound about yourself and helps you grow. It because of moments like this that you tend to develop and sometimes even look at yourself critically.

Different people have hidden ” me’s”. In secret they are that someone hard to guess by others. Some people might not be as eloquent in front of others as they are when they are alone, when they talk to themselves. Some people’s personality might not reflect they don’t write but who knows they write in secrecy. You cannot judge people by what they show and you cannot completely ever know a person. There will always be something in others totally unknown to you.

That ” me ” is different and in you. Confused? But this makes complete sense , in fact more sense than what you pretend to be. There is no denying that all of us spend more than half of our time pretending to be someone or something we are not and we cannot even be because we don’t belong there. But still all of us effortlessly try each day, hiding beneath that our  real selves , the real me.

We all pretend to be something else jut to impress others , honestly all because we are not confident about that part of u that comes out only when we are alone. We hide it, we try to cover it with external traits, traits liked by others not us. Some people even forget that meek ” me” in the race of being pretentious. Some people hide their feelings, suppress them because they feel that showing one’s feelings is weak , it mean you are not strong enough but that is wrong. Being emotional or expressive about you feelings does not mean you are weak. It’s a fact that guys/men prefer not to show their emotions that often. Why not? I guess we all know the answer by now. Our thinking that that part of us that we really don’t want to lose will not be liked by others keeps it hidden. We feel more secure when that’s just with us probably because we don’t want to malign that part of us. We don’t want to  expose it to the wrath of the outside world because we are scared of judgments . It’s because judging that part of you is like judging your soul , your very being.

We all are in love with that secret self and sometimes we need that alone time to be in touch with it, to come to grounds with it otherwise we feel that we are losing our self. We want to be in touch with that part because we get tired of pretending and we need a serious break. Some people just never come out with their real self and that is really sad because they spend their whole lives being someone they are not. But we need to understand that it is very important for us to be in touch with that hidden personality of our’s because when you lose it you lose a great part of yourself. You can be that part of you when you are alone and it makes you happy, it brings a smile on your face. Doing those little things for yourself unknown to the world makes you feel special. Coming in terms with your own self is like pampering yourself.

That ” me” can be anything a poet, a singer, an admirer or maybe just a day dreamer. But we all know that’s exactly just us. Deep down inside everybody is aware and in touch with their real self , some people just don’t find the courage to bring it out or to be confident about it. Instead they try to suppress it which is really a sad thing to do. No matter what, one should always try to be in touch with that part of us that we consciously or unconsciously try to hide from others. One should always be in touch with that ” me ” not known to others .

Secret thoughts and open countenance will go safely over the whole world.- Scipione Alberti


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