The Known – Unknown

This world is a big exam center and we all are here writing our exam papers, our syllabus are the religious books that God send down for our guidance and the life’s of the Prophets are perfect  as well as practice examples of the  kind of life god wants us to have. We all have to write well our deeds or karma in order to get good score. The results of the exam of life is to be declared on the Day Of Judgment and the reward for good score is Heaven and for poor score is for sure Hell, for eternity. Death is the utmost reality of this living world, but for the world hereafter there is no death and every one of us will have to live our lives based on our deeds in this world. The life in this world is just a fragment, while the life hereafter is eternity, never ending.

God Is One

Religion to man is like water to tree, it helps you grow, flourish as well as it nourishes you. Being born in society with different perception of religion and God, it is yet difficult to understand the reality and know what the truth is. Man is the finest creation of God, as he is given the strength of intellectual thinking and the power to change. God never wanted humans to be His faithful servants and pray Him day and nights, for that He has angels and his other creations. This world and this human life, it is a test for a world hereafter. God gave us religious books and scripts and guidance of His beloved messengers and prophets so that we can find solace and live our lives by God’s wishes and sacrifices ourselves for the greater self.

The Divine Revelation

We know God by many names and many forms, but in reality, every religion mentions God to be one and one only. The one with no shape or form, one who cannot be idolized, one who is the master of supreme power and creator and destroyer of the worlds , and the one and only one worthy of worship- for besides Him there is none worthy of worship. This concept of one God is part of Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Judaism as well as all known religions.  God did send different messengers at different point of times, with words of wisdom and the message of worshiping only Him and not to include any one with him. But since the time of Adam (Peace be upon Him) to the time of Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him), there is another force working, the force of Satan who works to distract people from the righteous path and lead them to their own destruction.  Holy scriptures mention that Satan used to be a humble servant of God known as angel Iblees, but when God created the Adam(peace be on him) and asked all the angels to bow before him for he will be the finest creation of God, all did but Iblees. He turned down the commandment of God and showed his anger to God, for this act of his, he was banished from heaven. He turned to the wrong path and is now the Satan who provokes humans not to love God or follow his wishes.

Reaching Out

There are and were always certain mysteries and mysterious questions amidst which we humans dwell. But even then, as we lay our head to rest we are bound to wonder the magnificence and extreme superlatives that are part of an Alma matter, not so closely imagined by all. Existence of God really cannot be questioned, for if there wouldn’t be any how would miracles happen? You must be wondering as to what miracles are these. These are very minute, sometimes unnoticed by our larger than life perception, contributing to what we commonly call co-incidence.  But only if every one of us takes out some time to sit back and think upon what our religion tells us and do so with logical reasoning and an open mind, we sure will find all the missing links between us and our creator as well as find the answers to so many unanswered questions.

The Truth is around Us

Knowing The Unknown

Being atheist is becoming the new trend and people are taking pride in it. Does being atheist make any sense, believing that there is no existence of god or any supreme power?  That the controls of every single movement from the tiniest micro-organism to the giant Blue whale or from the smallest particle of sand to the highest mountains are just natural phenomenon?  Really, then from where does this nature or natural phenomenon comes from, who makes the winds swirl, who calms down a roaring ocean, who gave us sun and moon, who made the soils give us grains to eat and trees to bare fruits, how were we born the first time who created the world and many other worlds like ours?  There is a list of never ending questions which one cannot answer unless he has the guidance of a religion and unless he believes in God- The supreme.

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