Ladies Code!

Boys will be boys!

A saying, I am sure, each one of us has heard and used many times. Men, I am not sorry to say so, if left to themselves, will wreck hell upon earth and themselves. But fear not, fellow earthlings, nature, being smart and all, has made women to rein the men in, so to speak. Not that, mind, women can’t wreck hell. When they set their minds to it, they’re better at it than men. Then again, that’s a nice kind of hell. Sexist thing to say, isn’t it? Well, once in a while, there’s nothing wrong with harmless favoritism, all in the name of fun.

Oh, and by the way, I request you to not take offence at anything I write in this piece. Request being a euphemism for demand!

They say men are from mars. I say they’re right.

You know why? Because aside from your few surprisingly endearing qualities, you are scream-like-mad confusing. Figuring you out is funny business, if you ask me. I am sure you’d say the same for your female counterparts. Let’s make our lives easier and not try to figure each other out, since we’re obviously not getting anywhere. Easier said than done, isn’t it? We can’t help but try and pick at each other’s brains. It’s fascinating!

Things are many, that both genders find annoying about each other. I for one don’t know what to like or dislike about men. Take for instance the bro code (Courtesy Barney Stinson! Curse on you, dude!), which is my inspiration for this piece of writing. I was just watching re-runs of some episodes of how I met your mother a few days back. Amazing, isn’t it, how a stupid line of a stupid code said by some I-don’t-even-know-why-he’s-so-popular character becomes a goddamn rule!

I like the concept, the solidarity inherent in it. But then the code is rather irritating. What with the first article being ‘Bros before hoes!’

If there was a list dedicated to lines left to multiple interpretations, that one will make it to top twenty, to say the least. Gentlemen, as much as I appreciate the dry humor of the line, I must, in all fairness, object to the implicit insult to my gender. Not that my gender doesn’t insult yours. Sure, we do. In the most colorful words, I assure you. In fact, when we’re short of words we Google them and if Google fails to satisfy us, we take your help. You are, after all, a walking-taking dictionary of cuss words.

On a side note, not all articles of the code are annoying! Mostly because they threw me into fits of laughter.

Why don’t ladies have a code too? Sister solidarity sorts! We can all sit down over a cup of coffee and contemplate ways to inflict torture on men. And, mind you, I am only half-joking!

Think about it girlies, if we had a code, wouldn’t it be nice!


Warning: I am about to veer into slightly serious talk zone now.

I don’t particularly recall much about my first day at college, me and my memory not being the best of buddies. I do, however, remember something a senior of mind had said that day, in the interactive session. She’d, quite simply, told us girls were wretchedly lacking in solidarity. Though an exaggeration for most part, I figure that statement isn’t completely lacking in veracity.

Here solidarity is to be understood in loose fashion and not in its strictest sense. For instance, the alarming pace at which news travels from the girl’s hostel to the boys’ surely shows a lack of unity among the girls. This is the scene in most hostels, to my limited knowledge. I am not, in any way, saying that the interaction between the genders must be restricted. There’s a reason freedom of speech is a fundamental right!

Talk what you want, absolutely. But jumping the gun isn’t prudent, so to speak. It’s not that gossip that bothers me rather the thoughtlessness behind it. The pace, in particular! It happens, it’s out. Not that, mind, men don’t gossip. They sure as heck do. It’s just that the stereotype of gossip has been long since a burden laid on girls. Perhaps because boys are merely more circumspect when they gossip, or perhaps because their way of doing it is more matter-of-fact sorts, I can’t say for sure.

I assert it’s not such a big a deal to filter what we tell our guy counterparts, considering guys do it damned well. What happens between girls, ought to stay between them! What, to us, are words uttered in a moment of impulse, or thoughtlessness, may in fact prove ruinous to another person. I’ve made the mistake of jumping the gun. It was just plain luck that the person I happened to speak to, was nice enough to not pass it on. Not that I’d know if it was passed on. It’s just an assumption I’ve made depending upon the fact I haven’t gotten wind of any talk of the topic. The information if leaked, so to speak, wouldn’t have harmed me, but it might have made another person’s life in hostel a near hell. In which case I’d never have forgiven myself!

So, yeah, ladies, let’s make ourselves a ladies code.


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