The Language of Music

We all have this insatiable need within us to make ourselves understood to the other human being. The thoughts in our head often demand to be expressed out, eloquently and coherently. But alas! Unfortunately what comes out is stumbled, half right and often lost in translation as the words make their way from our hearts or minds to our mouths. How then does one express oneself. How do we convey what we have to say to the other, in not too many or not too few, but just the right words? The answer would be, *drum rolls* Music. Music has the power to cross all boundaries and thresholds and enter into our hearts. It’s that universal language spoken and understood by all. Often expressing emotions or ideas may become difficult, but music swoops in to solve the problem. Not only because even the other person can relate to the thought you’re trying to convey because they know the song or the context, but also because of the quaint music interloped with the lyrical words form their own impact which is far more than anything that can ever be said.

Just the other day, a friend of mine seemed to have an existential crisis, plagued by her responsibilities, and wanting to break free and have fun. We all often come across this issue in our life, where in we want to enjoy and experience life, but we feel seemingly trapped by our mundane everyday life, not being able to break free from the routine which we set up on ourselves. The key to break out and enjoy the moment’s lies in our hands, all we need to do is break free. But she lacked the motivation.  I wanted to inspire her, no matter how much I told her to just enjoy, and not worry, no matter how much I pointed out the futility of life, which would ultimately culminate in death for all of us, I couldn’t manage to get her out of her funk. I worried, she worried, we both worried. Now in retrospect when I look back, the answer was glaringly obvious. I made her listen to this one song called “Counting Stars” by the band “One Republic”. That song was all it took to inspire her and to make her enjoy life again. The upbeat, catchy music with its inspiring lines worked their magic. Later she would tell me it was the hook line of the song that played on a loop in her head, inspiring her each time she found her hopes faltering. The lines go something like this;

“Said no more counting dollars, we’ll be counting stars.”


That one line managed to sum up the answer to her problem better than any eloquent inspirational speeches I or anyone tried to make. Life is short, count the stars, enjoy, and don’t worry about materialism. It was as simple as that.

We often find out emotions knotted up within us, and failing to find the exposure. We often feel desolate and alone, the feeling that no one will ever understand the pain and problems we deal with. It’s moments like these, when songs are the only things that we feel understand us completely. Sometimes listening to that one song, saying exactly what and how you feel makes us feel we aren’t alone in the world, someone else gets it too.

Insecurities are a huge part of every individual. Often these are things we struggle with internally. Another friend of mine has had commitment issues. He was always afraid of letting a person in; I would often question him, about the wall that kept everyone outside, only to come across a blithering incoherent response. What his real issues were about was a question that always plagued me. Until one day he managed to present me with a response. And again, all it took were four lines from a song. He said nothing else had ever come close to describing his problems of letting people get close to him better than those four lines. The song was “Demons” by the alternative American rock band “Imagine Dragons” and the lines went;

“Don’t get too close,

   Its dark inside,

   It’s where my demons hide,

  It’s where my demons hide.”


Those four lines, and one listen to that song, and I had never understood my friend of eight years better than at that precise moment.

That’s the thing about songs and music, they have a language of their own, a language which forms a strong communication, understood by our heart and our mind.

They can be very inspiring as well. One song, which I always adhere to as my own inspirational mantra, my personal prayer which I use every time before I am about to do something big, an opportunity which I am grabbing, the one song giving me inspiration and courage is Eminem’s Lose yourself,

“Lose yourself, in the music, the moment, you own it,

You better never let it go; you only get one chance,

Do not waste your chance to blow,

This opportunity comes once in a lifetime.”

Those lines and I am ready for any battle. As for my friend, her inspirational mantra is four lines from “We are young” by “Fun

“Tonight, we are young,

So lets set the world on fire,

We can burn brighter,

Than the sun.”


Inspirational, understanding, funny, humorous, emotional, all of this is what the language of music manages to convey. There is no other language as articulate, as close to our heart, as universal, than that of music.

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