Some day’s are gloomy, some days make us feel sad, some days bring joy  and some days overwhelms our heart but laughter is the key which cures it all, whether you are sad or just too happy ,laughter keeps you uplifted in all scores.

This is a world where the level of competition has risen to an extremely high level , everywhere we go there is lots of competition no one bothers for the other one and the world today is suffering from immense pain , frustration, tension and depression, these problems do not have an easy anti dote available.

A smile enlightens our soul it uplifts our spirits and makes us feel too good about everything around us, laughter has various health benefits too it keeps our body healthy and makes us look at life positively, a happy person will never be gloomy nor would be affected by the age factors such as wrinkles and dark patches, laughing adds years to our life and makes our everyday life feel light and we are not affected by the tensions of the world we live in.


Laughing nowadays is used for therapeutic uses, it`s an stark antidote for depressions and low feelings, it`s a form of yoga which is widely in practice nowadays, every morning there are several group in green parks laughing their lungs our just for no reason, raising their hands high up in the air and laughing aloud in groups cheering up their spirits and all the atmosphere around them. Laughter is such a good practice for our body that it makes a chilling effect down your spine makes repairing you nervous system healing scorn feelings and keeping you motivated in life. A person with a positive approach in life will always spread smiles all around , such a person is happy internally and his happiness is reflected as he walks and talks around to everyone he encounters in his journey, every person meeting such a joyous being also learn the positives of laughing and adopts them to his life.

The world will need no medicines if each of its inmate takes life with a appositive approach and takes up to laughing, laughing really is a naturally therapeutic healing aid, it`s a wonderful first aid. Everyone might have encountered a situation where we are too sad and feeling low and there`s an unknown person nearby who is engrossed in continuous laughter that person is laughing as though he has gone mad or he has just earned everything he has ever wanted and all off  a sudden we too start smiling with that person and laughing along with him without even knowing the reason behind that laughter and eventually forgetting all pain and the hard feeling we had felt moments ago.


As the will power is a persons strength in all hardships similarly laughter is the  best medicine which is free of cost and yet the most trustworthy entity to drive away all pains. A cheerful and gay person will never be attacked by any kind of depressing syndrome or even any disease, instead you`ll attract millions of positive powers which magically will transcend your life into a living heaven .

Laughter is the best work out we can gift our body, as said staying with nature heals everything nature has it`s magical powers to recover a person from even the most deadly disease, likewise laughing too is our body`s mechanism for self healing both inside and outside our system.

If there’s even a single jolly person in a gloomy family, then they can make everybody in that gloomy family smile and learn to live a life full of fun and laughter, cheerful attitude is liked by everyone , everybody wants to be happy and smile throughout their life nobody likes to sit being a pessimist but there are many circumstances which force a person to takeover this attitude , but this neither helps any person nor does it make people around that person feel good.

There is a certain magic in being optimistic, a person takes a positive approach towards life and believes in the powers of being happy. Nowadays even doctors recommend to patients for a hearty laughter, cause laughter drives away the toxins of hypertension, it makes the body immune and heart strong enough to go the hard phase of emotional breakdown. Laughter makes a person mentally and emotionally strong making the blood circulation proper avoiding even the problems of blood pressure.


A cheerful person is like a sunshine who spreads smile to everywhere it goes it is like a ray of positivity which touches peoples heart and heals all the problems of the body. Laughing is even very important in today’s era where the endless hours of job and extra tensions do not give a person enough time to check for the health of a person.there is no particular time or place which you have to appoint for laughing , you can do it anywhere with anyone with friends family or even any unknow being.

The benefits of laughter can never be listed but as it is said that ,’AN APPLE A DAY KEEPS THE DOCTOR AWAY”, similarly adding smiles to your life and sometimes even forcefully trying to laugh will never make you feel low with life your life will be filled with colours of joy and love.SO KEEP LAUGHING AND MAKE YOUR LIFE TENSION FREE!!


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