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So you wish to find success in what you’re wanting to do? Yes! Hard work is the answer. Hard work is the key to unlock most of your doors. But it comes in a bunch. Innovation, Commitment and self-motivation, Multitasking, Leadership skills, Self-confidence and an ability to bounce back, Risk taking. But the most important out of these is Time Management.Time

Until and unless a time limit is set when an objective is established it will be impossible to assess whether the objective has actually been met. For example-by when does the business expect to increase profits by 5%? Time is valuable. Managing it offers rewards. Fruitful ones indeed. And Time Management is after all the focus and control of an action by people for increase in the efficiency.

But my way of thinking is a bit different. Let me take you on board!

Time is directional and passively carries the universe along with it in one direction only. And if Time is managed perfectly, you’ll make the world swing along your axis. Well, I say so because when I think of time management I tend to think of my personal managment of time. After all that’s the best way out. You don’t spend time doing what is not a matter of concern and simply a waste of time. Better you do which is worth it. This is how Time Management helps. And managing time can help to segregate things in the best way Study, Meals, Leisure, Recreation, Work and etc.

Gone are the days of wasting time idling around. Time Management has become the easiest way out to simplify things. You will delay, but time wouldn’t! Well take an example- One of my friend Ray, his dad wanted him to finish the assigned work by evening so that he could submit the dealings but the next day. Ray kept on delaying the work given-‘Oh, it’s just 3! I’ll do it in sometime’, ‘Oh, it’s just 6:30! I have the whole freaking day!’ And this went on. And ultimately his dad didn’t receive anything from Ray’s side. But time didn’t stop. If only had Ray managed his time out and scheduled his day. The work could be presented by Ray’s dad to his clients. Well this is a minor example. Time waits for none. Manage your time aptly.

Time Management is not only about success. But it’s also well quoted that “it’s better to do the right thing slowly than wrong thing quickly.”Time Management makes you do this. Well if you manage your time and segregate what is to be done when you’ll have a far more better result than doing something in a hooch-pooch without planning the proper amount of time you have and can spare for the thing laid before you. Without a proper planning of the work, specially time; you’ll end up spoiling the results which you knew had a much better outcome of what is in front of you.

It’s as simple as a puzzle. No irony. Honestly if you do not manage time, you will never find time for anything. You have to manage your time. Well people are running so busy these days that they can’t even let go of a second. They have a diary stating the accounts of every hour. Yes, even a second is important. You know it’s like we students sometimes fail to understand this. Rather most of the time we fail to understand the real value and importance of time. But yes thanks to the smarter generations who carry down the trend of counselling their heirs. My parents from my very childhood have taught me the worth of every tick of the clock. I’m blessed thereby. I have this very habit of holding a record of the work to be carried out. I’m focused in that sense. It’s actually a secret behind my work being smoothly done. Oops! Did I just spill out my magical recipe? Oh never mind. Keep the secret on.

Why don’t you try this on your own. Would wouldn’t even have to go looking for results. It’ll be right in front of your eyes.

Time Management is the solution to many of your problems.

SO, aAre you constantly finding yourself behind at your work or school? And realize your accomplished simply nothing! And Yes then you’re not good at time management! So this means you have approximately less control of your life. But there’s good news. You can get better!

Just try for managing your time in the best way that suits you. For me the best outcome comes from jotting down my schedule on a  piece of paper, striking the waste of time and adjusting the time into something useful.

To conclude, it is foolishness to think that we can make up for the lost time. There is a popular saying that ‘The past is dead and the future is unborn’. There are no tomorrows and yesterdays. It is “today” which is important. Time is powerful. It has more power than the mightiest of monarchs. For they come and go, but time remains forever, without an end or a beginning. And in today’s world it is all about survival. Survival comes from the life span. Life span comes from Time management. It is all a game. It’s no earn a coin for hard work. Now the world is ruled by Smart Work. And Time management is Smart work.

Life is small and time is shorter. Play wise rule size. Time is precious. Value it.

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