Learn to Let Go

You can be a doctor or a historian. You can be a Muslim or a Christian. You can also be a child or an old woman. We all have different identities to define us. But who so ever we are, we all have a unanimous role in life and that is to gain Happiness. Some try to find it in money, others in wine while others in spending time with family. Every decision that we take in life is aimed towards gaining happiness. You may have heard people say that complete happiness is an utopian concept. No matter how hard you try you will not be able to gain eternal happiness. You may have even seen some people getting so cautious about gaining happiness in life that they enroll into highly expensive meditative and personality development camps or go on long holidays to foreign lands. But if you don’t want to spend money and have accepted that it is only the rich who have access to immense happiness and satisfaction, you need to rethink your argument. Happiness is something that you can never buy or lease. It has to come from within, it has to touch your soul and mind and it has to reflect in your eyes.There is definitely a way to achieve this not so ‘utopian’ concept and the best part is, its free of cost!

“The greatest step towards a life of extreme happiness is to learn to let go” ~ Dr. Steve Maraboli

Memorize this mantra and you will be saved for life. Philosophers have argued that one of the most difficult things to do in life is to let go. But once you gain the ability to do it, you attain liberation, liberation from the sorrows of life, most of which are tied to the fact that we are not able to let go things. It is cumbersome, but is not impossible. It is difficult to implement, but it is highly profitable.So boost up your spirit and get started!

Let Go Of Anger

Let go of anger: Among the various things that people need to give up is anger. Anger is the most disastrous enemy of mankind. Yes it helps you to give vent to your feelings and be relieved but the consequences that follow are just not tolerable. You ten to loose your temper, your thinking ability and your balance of thoughts and just go on speaking or doing things that you would never do in sanity. Anger brings out the worst in you and makes you a beast that you are totally opposite to in real life. It upsets others near you, makes them cry and ruins relationships. This is even more dangerous and the anger that had promised you relief actually makes you loose all your happiness. So next time you feel like yelling at someone and getting angry, just drop the idea. Think of the repercussions and instead take a glass of water to cool down yourself. So let go of anger. Its bad!

Greed is Evil

Let go of greed: Being greedy is just not being human. Today everyone is craving for more and is greedy about money, about immense prosperity and the avarice for moving ahead of others. This desire to reach the peak is actually draining out all the humanity and kindness from all of us. Greed makes you insensitive to others feelings and your own benefit becomes the top most priority of your life. Greed also makes you loose all your sanity and you become ready to do anything to achieve success. But success doesn’t always lie in material gains and worldly pleasure. If you are not happy inside, people around you are not happy with your behaviour, your success is just not worth it. So let of greed in life and instead search for eternal happiness.

Expect the least, life the most

Let go of expectations: Expectations are the biggest evil. Its good to be good to people and help them but the day when you begin to expect people to do the same for you, you tend to loose all the happiness in life. Life doesn’t always offers you all that you expect from it. Somethings are just bound to happen and other are just not possible to happen. So stop expecting from life to provide you with perks. Just put in your best in everything and wait for the result without any expectation. I know its hard to do it, but you need to do it. If you have expected something and that doesn’t happen, you feel shattered. But if you stop expecting anything and things come to you all of a sudden, its a pleasant surprise. So keep calm and stop expecting!

Let Go Of The Past

Let go of your past: One of the most important things that you need to let go is your past. Your past may include your heartbreaking breakups, sudden demise of your parents, loss of your job or a friendship break. Just erase your memory and forget everything. Cherish the good moments and learn from the bad. But don’t just hold on to them. They are there to keep you sad every time and never allow you to breathe in the open. So presume that you have dementia and you have forgotten everything bad that happened to you in the past. And now wait for the miracles. You will be 100 times more happy than ever before. Isn’t it would you had always longed for?

Life teaches you the Art of letting go in every event. When you have learnt to let go, you will be joyful, and as you start being joyful more will be given to you.

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