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Life is a beautiful struggle. It is a journey towards our goal and we reach towards our goal by taking small steps forward each day with audacity and zest.  While we are on path towards our goal, we fall and rise many times and thus we learn also. While walking on the path, life teaches us those lessons which helps us keep going even if we fail. The mistake which we commit first time teaches us to be more cautious next time. Life is a great teacher it always helps us to build our personality and make us powerful and robust by giving us plenty of opportunities to experience every misfortunes of life. Life is really simple, but we make it complicated. It is just because we don’t know  the future i.e. what is going to happen tomorrow. Life is a outrageous journey and nothing is guaranteed in our life. It is all depend on us how we structure our life. If you believe that your life is useful and important then your belief will help create the fact. Sai Baba says-“Life is a song, sing it. Life is a game, play it. Life is a challenge, meet it. Life is a dream, realize it. Life is a sacrifice, offer it. Life is a love, enjoy it.” All over your life people will make you mad, disrespect you and treat you as a bad person.  Don’t be upset, leave it for god to deal with all the things they do, because hate in your heart will annihilate you too. Life is a series of experiment, the more you will experiment the more things you will learn from life. Life teaches us many things. You might be thinking that what life has taught us. Today I will tell you what I learned from my life.

Our society value education much more. It is very important to get education in order to lead a healthy and wealthy life. Education teaches us the history of humankind,about technology and  make you a chief of your arena, and also it qualify you for work in the real world. Today if you are not educated you will not be able to get success in your life and you will lack plenty of opportunities.   Through education in school we can not get all the knowledge which life experiences can only teach us. Life models and guides us and gives us power or dilution to fight and worn down all the battle which comes in our way. If we experience failure  while walking on our path towards our goal then also life gives us strength to stand back and fight again. Life crooks us to our thresholds to foster inner strength and flexibility. My mother used to say to me that “the star that conflict the most, shines the most.” It is rightly said by her that we must face our challenges if really want to shine with the brave light of our trustworthy being.

When we steps towards our journey,we will meet unavoidable barriers. Life will drive into us seven dominant keys of knowledge. All these test will make you stronger, build your inner strength, will fill you with enthusiasm, will make you courageous and will help you to progress in your life in a meaningful way. Never take your life for granted. Life occasionally give you the second chance but the person who is indomitable will definitely creates his second chance. We all want to be successful in our life. But remember that success is not your destination but a journey full of experiences and lessons you learn from your life is your destinations. Life teaches us several lessons and understand the lessons and understand how you can uniquely apply those to your life to conquer your challenges. Firstly, life teaches us the lesson of settlement and compromise.If you want something in your life then you should give then only you will get. It is all based on give and take formula. If you want love in your relationship then you have to give love then only you can get. If you want success then work hard for it then only you can get success in your life. Nothing in this life is taken from you without compensation. This means that your losses will always  paid in one form or the other.

give and take

Secondly, life teaches us the importance of time and endurance in our life.Time can be our best friend and also it can be our biggest enemy. In period of pain, time seems to run  by. But when we have calm hours  time fly by like seconds. Timing is everything in our life, it never waits for anyone. The interconnectedness of time and patience becomes clear and visible when we are suffering from our bad times.  We should remember that nothing in this world stays permanently in our life. If our good and happy days passed away then bad days will also be get pass away soon. We should accept one important thing and always keep it in mind that  everything will someday or the other will have to go from our life.Time instincts us to develop patience and endurance a strength  that can shift our outlook and truly bring time on our side.

time and patience

Thirdly, life teaches us the importance of  love and relationship.Relationship is a connection to the outside world. They reflect our intimate misgivings, wants and faults. Relationships keeps us motivated, fill us with enthusiasm and give us strength to overcome all the roadblocks in our life. Life teaches you the importance of a relationship; how to overcome challenges in a relationship and how to strengthen the relationship. It teaches us the lesson that we should not lie in a relationship. We should not cheat in a relationship. We should not make promises which we cannot keep in a relationship.


Fourthly, life teaches us the lesson of pain,fear and anxiety. In our daily life, number of times we experience pain and fear. Pain should not be avoided and we all must try to overcome from our pain for that  analyze you pain, understand your pain and then hold or embrace it. Don’t be afraid to experience pain in your life.  Mark Twain says-”Pain makes you stronger. Fear makes you wiser. Heartbreak makes you wiser.” Don’t be fear of fear otherwise you will loose plenty of opportunities which could be yours. Don’t let fear ruin your life and control your life. Structure yourself in a way that you control your fear not fear controls you.

pain and fear

Life also teaches us the lesson of evolve and progress. It teaches to make an progress always whatever the situation might be. Never give up your hope in first attempt. Nobody in this world is perfect, everybody makes a mistake in his or her first attempt, so give yourself always a second chance. Progress is made only when we learn from our earlier mistakes and workout in new actions that yield different results. Learn from your mistakes and find another way to do the same task and act differently, like this only genuine progress can be made. The direction in which we progress is solely based on our decision.


We also learn from life the lesson of steadiness and change. Steadiness is exactly the opposite of change and both must fluctuate in a fair balance. We, people and time change constantly in our life, sometimes uphill and sometimes downhill. We need to calm down in times when we are going down and if you are thinking about stability all the times, then you are not gonna improve. We should expect the changes that occur in our life,  and likewise stabilize ourselves and try to live life happily. Sometimes changes our good for us.

stability and change

Life  also teaches us the lesson of anger and bitterness. It teaches us that we should not magnify and amplify life’s problems by filling our mind with bitterness. Instead, we should try to ease our burden by letting them go. If you ever feel angry then start to take hold, stop and consider the fact that there is nothing to be gained by bringing yourself down over what has already happened.


At last I would only like to say that life is our greatest teacher, sending us down twisting paths to help us gain a insightful knowledge of our potential. We may be tested many times in our life, but by recognizing the truth of our tests and applying necessary wisdom, we can triumph over every one of life’s challenges.

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