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The gift of life is a blessing, every day brings a new! Life indeed is too short to count on the negatives   or to hurt others sentiment, life is a beautiful journey and everybody walking along, is its traveler; it is to be lived in utmost optimism, kindness and love for our fellow beings. We are always taught to be true to one and all, to never speak a lie, never hurt anyone, always lend a helping hand to the needy, and never say NO!! We are asked to be the kindest and the most humblest person ever known. From our very childhood we are taught to respect our elders , and always obey them, We were never taught  to learn to distinguish between the right and wrong orders of our elders , We, like  a sheep  in the herd , kept  on obeying  them,  we  could  never say  NO , because that is what we were  taught  since  always “BE A SHEEP IN THE HERD “.  We were  taught  that if we will argue  or deny  doing  a work , we’ll be  considered BAD ,Nobody  cared for the growth of our  being , everybody was so  busy dominating us that we dint even realize that we were losing our real selves. Nobody gave even a thought to it that while quietly doing the designated work they were suppressing our morals, our views, our desires and our original self. This is a very  common phenomena and every one might have faced it sometime or the other in some phase of life;  until you might  have  gathered  enough strength to let your being be bold enough to  say NO!! this happens everywhere be it in school ,in home, with friends  or  in any A-Z sphere of life, sometimes we are too scared  to revolt , sometimes we are very much in  fear of society ,or our parents getting upset etc. But it does happen, we keep quiet, we quietly let things be as they are, we do not argue and we tend to ignore but the question is till WHEN??


Right from our school days, if someone’s pencil is stolen by our best friend we keep the blame on our head, just to maintain the friendship, if sometimes we see something wrong happening we keep shut in fear of we`ll get indulged in it ,if sometimes we are put into a situation where ruthless blames are put on our heads, we still keep hiding things putting a cover on it, thinking what society will think, considering all the irrelevant facts we keep shut, we ignore the wrong, we let things happen to we are put into   courage to rise above all yardsticks and say NO!!

Sometimes it becomes a dilematic condition to select between your family and truth, everybody expects you to be on your family`s side be it how wrong they are, But do not let your conscience die ever, even for the sake of your loved ones, do not choose the wrong, because in any case all your loved ones will go one day, your conscience will be with you till the day you die, always keep it enlightened.

We should try our level best to not to let situations go out of hand, it is better to say NO well before time than to repent later, We all should be brave enough to make a choice, be it a man or a woman be as humble you can be, help others give the gift of your time to someone, but never let anyone use you, be kind but not dumb, not to realize when they are using you. If you are the kindest person on earth you are meant to spread smiles, if you are frustrated by the actions of even a single person, it means you are being forced by that person, in some way or the other. Never let yourself be used, but be useful for the needy. Be bold .Nobody owes you anything more than your conscience always listen to it, try to keep it enlightened, learn to say NO, before the situation gets worse, we all should respect everyone`s space and never dominate anyone physically or emotionally, we all were born equal and everybody has full right to live its life on its own terms. If it is a NO from anybody never get in that persons space again, because every being has its reasons, space , rules and its UNIQUE IDENTITY. By obeying others, or just for the sake of fitting in the society don’t let yourself be dominated , you are unique soul, you were not meant to serve others; built your identity, remove all the covers, never  fear the society ; today`s society will not be there tomorrow , and then you will be the one to build your own society . Never do anything to please others , your skills do not match anyone out there. If you are being chained down by anything just  nebulize  all  our   energy  and  have the courage to say NO, every fear leads to  freedom, Nobody  can chain  you down , practice daily to get closer to the real  you and shout back a NO to every limiting factor which is baring you to take a step ahead. By saying NO you are not hurting anything, but just proving  that how strong  a being you are . Do not let things happen without your consent.  Be Brave. Be True to yourself. Let the fakers be mocked down. If people really love you and want to be with you they will understand your reasons.                                       Be the Best Person, You were born to be.

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