Leave The Comfort Zone, Let the Magic Happen


We all look at life to be comfortable but sometimes comfort tends to become boring. As humans we tend to fear all the excruciating feelings like uncertainty, stress, pain, loss and others as something which destroy the easy living attitude. So we move on so as to live against the rawness of the life and spend our lives in the most artificial manner. We just live in an entirely controlled environment where everything from wearing, eating and going out is all about intrusion from the loved ones on pretext of security purposes. But it somewhat ruins and spoils the inside strength of a person. The interaction into the outside world is somewhat enclosed within a chamber which is named as being the comfort zone.

No one wants to be entirely controlled by someone else and mostly not by the closed ones and relatives. Being into the comfort zone somewhat makes you enter into an area of captivation and unwanted fear. It is all about being compliant, following the rules of the group and accepting the fact in an active form. It is not about social judgments or about trying things with a certain risk of rejection. Comfort zone is all about living in a certain spectra of society where you know the people and are just enclosed there. You don’t want to move forward and venture into the world because out there you are all alone and without any support. It is all about devoting your life to the normal routine and avoiding everything from rejection to failure at each and every moment.

To live life to an extent which is comfortable and cozy with all the means of life around is what every person in this world wants. We just want to remain in the comfort and live those cozy moments. Personal development and getting awareness about you is just out of context in this situation and this is extremely tasteless feel. Comfort zones might make you have a contented life but it would also create a learned helplessness inside of you and it would intend on making progress just harder. Learning things and growing by experiencing failure and by stepping outside of the normal comfort zone would help you to understand the nature of wilderness outside.

There are many ways through which you could battle through the comfort zone. You need to bring about your self-conscious nature and become aware of your inner thoughts and dreams. Change the frame of mind that you are in and try to take the more dangerous and unknown path where there might be problems while treading but it would still be something that you would learn a lot from. Take challenges and set your goals so as to get out of the comfort zone that you have been entailed into for so long. It is all about learning to be comfortable even while being uncomfortable in situations and places. With this you would be able to handle out pressure really well and venture into new dimensions.

With time check upon the way you have improved immensely from inside as well as from outside. You would see that you have more confidence now inside of you and you are taking over more and more challenges like never before. With this you might be able to improve the quality of your life and thus be able to expand your views and aspirations to a further end. Now you would feel being more optimistic and confident over your capabilities and thus, try taking over challenges in a more apt manner than you did earlier on. You would take the bull head on with your hands. Battling through the comfort zone just makes all the difference that you could never expect earlier.

Examine all the goals and challenges of your life. Take risks and consider the failures as the stepping stones towards finishing your goals on time. It is only through failures that you learn life’s best lessons. Failing more would help you in battling through the normal comfort zone that you might always have been during your entire life. Sometimes living your life out of context and in an unusual manner somewhat makes the difference.

Try doing something just out of bounds. Do something out of comfort zone. Wear a ridiculous costume or read some book or just talk with your friends in a manner that you never did and know more about them or just sing songs while walking along on the road in a loud voice. You would see the difference. It might happen that people might perceive you as mad and it isn’t like someone is telling you to do so each and every day, but do try it once or twice as an activity to bring out your inner self our from its comfort zone. An unusual harmless activity is what you need to do so as to be able to know what it means to bring about the confident self into the world and see it through the eyes of a person venturing into a strange region. You would surely love it!

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