Let The Angel Take Over, The Devil Will Be Gone

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Kill the devil within you.

When we first hear the word devil, what strikes the mind?

Bad Thoughts.A supernatural entity with two horns, one tail with and a pitchfork. The Bible doesn’t tell us exactly what the devil looks like; Either do any of the religions, the pictures you see of him simply come from the artist’s imagination. Similar pictures have been around for hundreds of years, however, were meant to warn people about Satan(other word for devil) . Satan is evil, and even these pictures should warn us not to have anything to do with him. Does it really wear that appearance?

There are so many myths that float around the world and make life more difficult than it should be. And this mythical image of the devil is so not true. But does that mean devils don’t exist? Not really. They do. Devil is totally evil–and yet he can disguise himself so people don’t even realize who he is and he will try to keep you from God.

And this is not baseless. I say this from personal experience…

He was at it again.My Mommy was on the floor. Helpless and gasping, for breath. Mommy was very frightened. I was the only eye-witness to his obnoxious behavior, but had to turn a blind eye to what evil was portrait. My eyes couldn’t bear the deadly, hair raising crime scene. He had been drinking and his mind was not working right. He forgot to control his own anger. It was so scary. It hurt Mommy. But Mommy protected me. Mommy got us away. But, I blame my mother for this.What a heartless creature. But my Mommy still wished to please the devil. I asked her a zillion times, from the fear of losing her, “Ma, when do we get rid of this?” and my poor Mommy, with a pale whisper, “Soon Cheychey”. She never knew what more to say and I understood her discomfort. So my questions were limited.It still puzzles me how this started. But I just hope this ends. I want to see my Mommy smiling, want to her Mommy’s beautiful face again, where I can kiss Mommy without Mommy going through the pain. This made me happy of just one thing, not having a younger sibling. He wouldn’t be able to bear the atrocity.Could everything be over in a blink of an eye?The day did arrive. He was completely drunk. Recognizing us was out of question. Seemed the veil of darkness was falling upon his eyes, hiding the play. Mommy is undoubtedly courageous; all the money was in her purse. The suitcase was packed. My hand was held tightly. Mommy unlocked the Main Door….“We are not going back to see Daddy unless he can stop drinking and find his love again.”…Daddy? We rushed to fetch a cab. Seemed like a candy being offered after daily porridge. A left a right, a back a front, a here a there. Finally. We were been given a lift. Angels. Far behind a couldn’t see him sitting at the doorstep, maybe smiling, smiling for the reason of thinking that we are left with the only option of returning to hell. No! Never!The long night was coming to an end. The sun was rising, calling for a new ray. Wishing us the best of all. Yes, after all the Angels were here to help. They helped us reach the station. In around SIX hours we were in Scotland. What relief! The whole journey was the let go of the past by recalling every moment. What an irony! 


It so goes along: The devil smiles when we make plans. He laughs when we get too busy. But he trembles when we pray. Especially when we pray together!Soon the soul was rescued from the hell. But the scars were yet to heal. I’ve had a ferocious past. And even today nightmares make every cell tremble. Physically and mentally, both ways. But Time is a great healer.Truly. Mommy is doing much better. And Mommy will be all well sooner. MOMMY is much stronger.Devils are difficult to get rid of. They will follow until the very end. Mentally, if not physically! I shared an experience worth.Have you meet any of the cousins? What do you think? According to you… Are they really devils? Or have I just over rated them? You are the ones to decide. But I feel I haven’t. I was a kid, a pusillanimous one, so I let my Mommy go through it all. My Mommy gained courage later, but until then, what? Devils can paralyze you for eternity. Be careful. Take a step. Fight. I was dumb to help Mommy then, but now I’m mature enough, I know how to help ourselves now. I didn’t do what I should have.

 “Lucifer. Mephistopheles. Satan. The Prince of Darkness. No matter what we call him, the Devil is our symbol for what is bad and undesirable. From our human perspective, we see the world as a struggle between light and dark.”But if ever you get a chance.  Be the Angel, the Devil is just too mainstream.

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