Let the Changes Take Over

Nothing in this world is static. The entire universe sustains on the concept of change. Sun sets in the evening and thus the day changes to night. Earth keeps revolving around the sun and thus the seasons change. We pass exams and thus we change our qualification from ‘school’ to ‘college’. We get a job in the US and thus we change our place of residence. We have to go out for a party and thus we change clothes. We change our mobile phones, we change our cars, we change even our ‘boyfriends’. Therefore change is inevitable. In order to survive, changes have to be made. Infact everything in this world except CHANGE, actually changes. Places change, people change, times change!

Change can't be changed

Though we all study in physics that change is ‘static’, we fail to understand its deeper meaning. We fail to accept the fact that everything in this world is capable of changing. We as humans have the tendency to become ‘used to’ certain things or certain people that we don’t want to accept that we can loose them anytime and anywhere. We take those things for granted. In our minds and hearts we, with full sincerity consider them as personal and exclusive belongings that no other person can ever touch. And when the misfortune finally happens, we just can’t bear the loss. Then comes in the whole concept of obsession, possessiveness and depression. This can happen with any person be it a child or an old man. But the most outright problem is with the teenagers. There are people around us who are so attached to there possessions for example a video game or a dog or a personal diary. They believe themselves to have full copyrights over these things and are 100% sure that these will be with them forever. They have had them since childhood, have shared all their good and bad times with them. They are their best friends. But one day the video game breaks or the diary gets lost or the dogs dies an untimely death. This comes as an utter shock to them. They just loose the entire courage and energy to deal with the situation. They lock themselves in their rooms and cry for hours. They don’t talk or eat properly for many days. They miss their things so badly that it just becomes impossible to live without them. Thus there is sadness and pain all around.

life doesn't stop

The same or we can say more serious situation arises when people loose their loved ones. We all spend 12 years of our lives in a particular school that subsequently becomesĀ  are second home. We come to school, chill with our friends, make fun of teachers, do mischievous things and get punished. Some among us are bookworms for whom no world exists beyond studies. They are those people who complete their syllabus one month before the exams begin. And we also have friends who are serious about everything thing in life other than studies (LOL). They like to party, bunk classes, go for movies and come home and then chill on facebook. They are those who call up their studious friends one day before the exams and ask for syllabus. No matter what are friends are like, but we all have school friends. They become the most important part of our lives. We share all secrets with them and are ready to do anything for them. We become so attached to them that we never realise that one day we will have to part ways. Finally when the school ends and we just abruptly stop going to school, we just don’t realise what is happening. Suddenly we our asked to leave our friends and go to different places for higher studies. Many of us are just not able to bear this shock. Cases of children going into depression because of losing school friends are common. We just can adapt to this change. College life seems so boring and everyone around seems to be stranger. We feel as if we have lost all the happiness in life and crying seems to be the best option. Finally when we take months to accept the fact, we start enjoying our college life. Time passes by so swiftly that we don’t realise how and when college also comes to an end. Again this comes as a shock and we try hard to tackle the situation. Similar situations arise when we loose our parents or have a breakup.

And Life Goes On

Thus there many phases in life when we have to go through changes. Crying about it and becoming a trouble for others is just not the right way. Nature expects us to behave maturely and accept the fact that nothing lasts forever. If goods times are there, bad times definitely follow. It is only a strong mind and a courageous heart that can deal with the change. One thing we all need to accept is that life doesn’t stop for anyone. Instead we have to move along with it. This can happen only when we fill up our hearts with beautiful memories of the past and cherish them all our life but at the same time be determined to move on in life and wait for better things to come!



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