Let the creative juices flow : Importance of creativity in our lives


As we look around, we find that the surroundings we live in has art and creativity reflecting from it in every angle. Be it trees, roads, water, buildings ,barren land, vehicles,or even the house we live in has art attached to it in some way.

A human body, itself is a work of art. Our thoughts and nature define our outlook towards creativity. Every person in some or the other way is inclined towards creativity. They have a creative bent of mind in some or the other way. Be it their body which catches the rhythm, their voice, or their talent of fine arts, people all around us have something or the other that they call their creative talent.
Many people, who think they cannot dance, cannot sing or draw and paint are the ones who can think, write well, or can play an instrument. Be it sports persons,or even army men/women who get no chance in their field of work to express their creative side are the ones who turn out to be good poets or have vivid imagination.
A simple businessman,can think of greatest ideas to market his product on his own, and that involves creativity. Even scientists,engineers,researchers and innovators are creative thinkers.
Everyone,in some way has a creative bent of mind,as God has created us like that, and it holds importance in our lives.
Some people are fortunate enough that while they are brought up,their parents/guardians help their creative side to surface and grow by enrolling them into different form of art classes. Be it dance,singing,crafts,dramatics or painting. Schools help in nurturing the child’s creative side by various activities and gives ample opportunity to the student to explore it. It’s important for everyone to be in touch with their creative side just because it is a part of us and who we are as a human being. It’s one of the amazing talents and abilities of a human, as our brain is developed enough that we can turn an idea into reality.
Letting the creative juices flow and creating something just by the help of our ideas and imagination is a stress buster on it’s own,given our busy exhausting lives in this fast moving never stopping world. Just having time by yourself and not wasting it over television but actually using our creativity to create something, is a great way  to connect to yourself and spend your weekend.
It is a great way to gain satisfaction by using our mental abilities, as following orders from authorities all day at work or school or just doing robotic ,monotonous processes involved in doing the job role we have makes us unhappy in our lives. Mainly because we do not get to practice our mental ability as much as we would like to do.
Just by letting ourselves do what we can do by using our creative and imaginative prowess,for example: writing a poem of even a paragraph in leisure time, or creating a picture collage out of the existing pictures you have just to set it up in the living room, produces a sense of pride and helps us believe in us and our abilities too.
Even being a house wife for some and doing daily chores,taking care of the kids all day makes a home maker tired and dull and unsatisfied with her achievements. What some of the ladies do,is starting a small business on their own or painting small waste bottles or utensils just to create the best out of waste or something involving their creativity, proves as a best past time,stress buster and satisfying activity for them. It becomes a recluse from their daily dull life.
Professionals going for a 9 to 5 job daily or more do not find time for themselves. Sitting in office and doing work all day, following orders,meeting deadlines sitting behind a pile of files is mostly the scenario in the multi national companies everyone competes to be a part of. They do not find time for themselves and hence their efficiency starts decreasing. They search for activities to rejuvenate over the weekends or after coming back home after an exhausting day. For some the creativity is cooking something delicious and for others going to their favourite social club to exchange their creative ideas with friends or working for a project involving their creative bent of mind is their recluse.
Being a student and learning from the books,giving exams to score well becomes too monotonous and finding something to let their creativity flow and as a leisure activity can be writing articles like I do, or just painting over the weekends. Joining dramatics,dance societies in college is also a way how students let their  creative juices flow.Simply creating a PowerPoint presentation involving graphics can be called creativity for a student who does not know that he/she has a creative bent of mind.
Creativity helps a person grow and innovate and finds a person the purpose to make his/her life beautiful and just not work to earn money for material happiness. From a new born infant who makes different noises and gestures from his limbs in order to catch attention of his parents for his needs, to a full grown mature business tycoon’s ideas for his company’s better performance, everything is known as creativity. Art and imagination have no boundaries and by the help of the creative ideas we let them take shape.
The way water is important for a human body, is the same way  letting a person’s creative juices flow holds importance. As this is how  a person lives, finds a way to make his life worthwhile and beautiful and learn to cherish the world God has built for us.

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