Let Failure Be The Stepping Stone

Failure. Isn’t it something that we all have all experienced at some point in life? Could be in school or college, probably an exam, an interview, a public performance, or any event in life where you didn’t feel that you succeeded. None of us is ever ready to face failure because we don’t know when is it going to come our way. And suddenly someday it hits us hard like a hailstone and leaves a negative remark in our memory. Many of us turn demotivated and feel depressed and humiliated about having failed at something. Some people give up the circumstance once they fail But how is it helping? People often don’t understand that instead of giving up they could try to figure out what went wrong and rectify the mistake and do better the next time. It is natural to become nervous and anxious about things once people experience failure. But it’s a learning process. And the graph is always going to have a number of ups and downs. That’s when we really learn! Imagine a life without failure? It would simply mean that you haven’t failed at anything because you haven’t really tried anything new, anything out of your comfort zone, anything at all that would really need you to push hard to make it through.  And when you make it through, it’s a glorious feeling. Failure doesn’t come only once in life. It keeps coming to you and instead of losing hope and giving up, it’s better to learn and become wiser. A lot of times we read in newspapers about students committing suicide because they failed their exams. I don’t really get the logic behind it. Is your life that worthless? At times of failure we need support and encouragement. And that’s when we need to look around and seek help from our family and friends. They will help you get through.

Winston Churchill once said, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”
So how do you think quitting up on something will help you? Failure is not the end of anything at all. Failure is the process of learning the so many ways to get things right; it is the process of learning and accepting that out of a hundred ways the one you choose could be wrong. Failure is the staircase that leads up to success. But what is beyond that? What is beyond that success? Is that the end? No. There are more failures and more successes ahead of it. And only when we keep trying and take a step ahead one at a time will we really be able to succeed in life.

Failure leads to success

There are so many people who quit something because they failed at it. Why can’t we all be courageous and have a positive approach toward life? Often people compare themselves to others and feel unworthy looking at their own flaws and failures. But people forget that they should compare with no one but themselves. If you really want to compare; compare to how better you are today than you were a day before. Compare about what new have you learnt and how is it helping you make a difference. Compare in such a way that brings you positivism and helps you feel motivated. Because failure is not when you fall; failure is when you refuse to get up. And the choice has always been yours. Some people, out of fear of falling again keep lying on the ground till they are completely crushed and are left aimless. While some people get up all over again and keep facing the obstacles that come their way and emerge glorious later. It’s not about the big and small achievements that matter. What matters is how you deal with things when life doesn’t turn out the way you planned it to. We all have to be a little patient when it comes to life; it can change any minute! It is never about the final destination; it has always been about the path that takes you there. So this path is never going to be covered with flowers waiting to welcome you. The path is going to be covered throughout with a number of obstacles. What matters is how you make your way through it. It is cowardly to quit, it takes courage to open up the wings and fly higher. We don’t have to doubt our capabilities with the fear of failing again.

Failures are meant to be learnt from; so that we gear up ourselves and perform better in future. The sweetest success is the one that’s the hardest to achieve. We have to fight for it and leave all our doubts and confusions and enter the battlefield to give whatever it takes to win! Sometimes we focus too much on failures and lose sight of victory. So just know that to succeed you have to first embrace failure. Don’t look at it as a weakness or as a drawback. What is important is that you learn and discover and grow better and wiser. Put in all your efforts and even if you fail, learn to take it in positive light. Don’t let failure have the upper-hand over you. Pass by it and keep climbing the ladder that gets you to your destination.

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