Let Habit be a Habit, Not your Necessity

Habit is one form of our behaviour which we tend to repeat in our daily life. Soon we unconsciously practise our habit to an extent that it soon becomes a necessity to our life. Habit formation takes time but as it gets older, it becomes difficult for us to abandon it and regard it as a part of our individuality. Habits can be bad or good but once acquired, it takes a lot of effort to make changes in it. So we should be careful and aware of what kind of habits we are indulging into. Habits that is good for us needs to be practised from early life. Like Aristotle said- “Good habits formed at youth make all the difference”.


We all form some kind of habits in our daily life like having coffee early morning, keeping cupboard clean, taking a shower before going out and many more. These habits are considered to be good but there are those habits also that are considered bad since they pose bad effects on our health and well-being. Bad habits include never keeping things on its proper place, smoking, eating too much junk and many more. The more good habits we adopt, the healthier is our life. Nothing can be accomplished suddenly, it takes time to form new good habits and discard our old bad habits.


1. Try to know What you Want from Life


Life is not an easy deal and if full of challenges and opportunities. Life gives us many choices and chances to choose our own path so it is very important for us to know what we want from our life and what we are going to do in our life. When we know our destination, our only work is to find ways to reach our goal. But unless we know what we want from our life, we won’t be able to deal with our habits.

When we our goal is clear, we systematically generate a lot of new habits relevant to our motives. If our motives are positive, we acquire good habits and if our motives are negative, we tend to take up bad ones. So it is very important that we try to understand ourselves and our necessities.

2. Commitment is very important


Commitment is an essential ingredient of living a well-settled life which is devoid of unnecessary habits and aimless works. People, who involve commitment in their routine, tend to have habits that are healthy and reasonable. Commitment gives birth to sensible decision making skills and employment of good and appropriate habits. Habits shape our life and affect our health and thoughts. So it is very important that we are aware of our habits and trying to incorporate habits that have positive influence on our living.

3. Try to Replace and Give up Bad Habits


Old habits are not easily thrown away from our life. It takes mental strength to convince our mind that we need to change our some habits that are posing threat to our health and well-being. It may take time to abandon bad habits that have gradually become our necessity but we can surely try to replace them with the good ones. Good habits take us towards successful life like Brian Tracy said-“Successful people are simply those with successful habits”. So try and make an effort to change your bad habits as soon as possible.

4. Start Slow but persistently increase level


Nothing can change instantly; everything takes its own time. That is also the case when we try to change our habits. Our habits have formed much time before and now when we try to throw it, it will take time to go away from our life and mind. So we should start slowly and persistently increase our level of try and soon we will be able to achieve our goal and replace our bad habits with the good ones. Never give however difficult it might seem to be because once you give up, those habits can become permanent threats to your life which might ruin your dreams and goals. Bad habit like smoking may take time to leave but once you make up your mind that you are going to leave it, then never move back.

5. Be Focused and Determined


Nothing can be achieved in life unless you are focused and determined to achieve your target. Changing habits or trying to incorporate new habits takes time and determination. Don’t let your focus get blurred by your laziness since once you opt out of changing your habits, it will affect your life and interfere with your success and peace in life. Try to focus on your goal and be determined to reach it.

Habits can become our necessities but when we change our priorities in life, we can change our habits too. When our habits start interfering with our normal and disciplined living, we should make every effort to convince ourselves that healthy habits maintain healthy thinking and healthy living. So to take care of our health, we need to be aware and take care of our habits too. W. Somerset Maugham said-“An unfortunate thing about this world is that the good habits are much easier to give up than the bad ones”.

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