Let the Heartbreaks Go

When Oscar wilde said that the heart was made to be broken, he was right if he thought of the breakups. Breakups are bad and painful. You can surf the internet for months and stuff your mouth with gallons of ice creams but you will hardly get anything to heal a broken heart. Speaking of personal experiences, being in a relationship is good till you are happily together. The moment you start to think ill will of your partner and begin with the fault-finding task, you are approaching a severe fight which can ultimately lead to a breakup. What are the possible causes of a breakup? Lack of trust, sheer nonsense in the relationships or the popular dialogue, ‘honey, we were never meant to be.’ Whatever may be the plausible causes; they are painful and can wreak havoc in your life. If you are way too emotional you will be finding it hard to cope with the phase unless you are strong enough to pull yourself back together and get a hold of your life.


I had a friend who used to lock herself up in the bathroom after she had a nasty breakup with her boyfriend. Out of concern, we were worried for a few weeks and used to give her hours of lecture. But then it became creepy and I am no longer friends with her. You see people will only sympathize with you to an extent where you are bearable. After that you are just like the girl/guy next door who is unstable and need to be maintained a distance from. I am pretty sure nobody wants to land up in such a situation nor will you want something akin to it for your friends. In order that you remain in senses do not let your heart wander anywhere. Even if you are having fun, make sure that you don’t get too much involved in the love affair.


There are possibly many ways to overcome heartbreak. After every fight, what has always worked for me is to indulge in buckets of ice cream. No matter how badly I catch a cold afterwards, I feel awesomely happy after I treat myself. This is not a fool proof plan for girls only. Guys can give it a try too. The next time your girlfriend is getting on your nerves, treat her with ice cream or gorge in yourself. I often see my friends shouting and crying their hearts out because their partners are way too busy to give them some quality togetherness time. The problem manifests itself to such a big issue that you can hardly tell if it is a political affair or a stupid love fight. There are bigger problems in the world which needs a tear or two. Why does not one think of them? Of course I am not asking you to address the problems of penury in the African states or the ever increasing corruption in India. What I mean is if your breakup is so grave that pisses off your friends! Make sure you do not draw unnecessary flak because your partner was too good for you.


Getting involved in activities with friends and shopping are great ways to subside the pain. You want people around you who can give you good company and will also help you to feel better about yourself. When you are surrounded with your family and friends, it will make you feel worthwhile. You will feel yourself in a steady state again with the comforting cushion of the support of your family and friends. If it helps, write a journal or maintain a diary of poems. When you pen down your thoughts you actually relieve yourself of the pain. I myself turn into a poet whenever I feel bad about any situation be it a heartbreak or any environmental issue. You do not have to edit the writings while you pour your heart out. One of the best ways, writing down enables you to gain a new insight into the problems in hand. You would never know that there can be a perspective like the one you just thought of. Patterns become clearer, puzzles fit into the right holes and you are a new being again.


A breakup can actually take your life to a new direction. It can mean a new beginning altogether. Cleaning up my stuff refreshes my mind and helps to de-clutter it. Similar is the case with heart. May be you two were never meant to be. So get on your feet and clean your room of all the stuff he/she gifted you. If you do not need them, then surely they will be good enough to donate to the needy. Cleaning up your room will sound insignificant and illogical to many. In fact it is. But it will require least of your brain power and focus and will help to divert your attention to the less significant things of your life. It will make you feel better. Get some new posters, if possible a new wall painting for your room. Remove all the memory triggers-the old song, the pictures, the tees etc. En fait, flush them all out. It is a new start.

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