Let the Light Shine Forth

We were born alone and we will die alone. However, when we are on this planet we share certain relationships with the fellow beings. We accept and glorify our lives with the help of other people. Our capacity for survival comes from the community that we live in and the people around us with whom we share our existence. We must always respect and love those who grew up and learned along with us. Love and respect those who taught you. Also, respect their teachings and when the right time comes convey your stories and teachings to the whole world. This is how a community can continue to exist and traditions remain unchanged. This is how life continues. Anyone who detests the community and refrains from sharing his or her joys and sorrows with others will never fully know his or her own qualities or defects.

However, living your life the way your community wants you to is perhaps the biggest sin of all times. People being drawn into a standard way of behaving in order to satiate the preferences, fears and prejudices of the community is one of the biggest dangers that threaten all communities. Your independence is a very high price to pay in a community where you will have to please everyone in order for you to be accepted. This satisfies the ego of a few authoritative people in a community but this certainly does not reflect your love for your community. All it reflects is your lack of love for yourself. If you try to please everyone, you will never be successful in it. Moreover, you will lose your respect in this process. Instead, live your life the way you want to and do what you feel like. This way you will gain everybody’s respect and love. Similarly, seek friends and companions in people who are not scared to be what they actually are.

They are not hesitant to show the world their true self. They are not pretentious and fake. People who believe in what they are doing and who they are prove to be the best friends and allies among all people. Do not seek the company of those who think the same as you. Instead seek out those who are different, those who think differently from you and those who are not easy to convince that you are right. Such people have their beliefs, morals and standards set extremely high. Friendship is not swayed by others’ opinions. Friendship does not come with a price. In fact, friendship is unconditional and it allows you and your companion to grow in your own space according to your own self each respecting the will and the personal freedom of the other. Friendship is an act of faith in another person that he or she will stand by you whenever required. Friends should not be the kinds who attract everyone’s gaze. Friends should be true, honest and pure who do not care about the rest of the world.

Avoid those who seek friends in order to be seen with a certain group of people in order to maintain a certain social status and open the doors which would otherwise seem unapproachable. Allow those who are only interested in opening one important door that is the door to your heart. For they are there to reside in that place which is your heart, they will never betray you and will never shoot you behind your back. Even when they are critical of you, it would be because they wish well for you and not the other way round. Their friendship is like a river: it flows around rocks, adapts itself to mountains and valleys and continues undeterred on its way. Just as the river never forgets that its ultimate ambition is to reach the sea, friendship never forgets that its ultimate goal and its reason for existence is loving other people.

let the light shine forth

Always stay close to those who sing songs, dance to the music, tell stories and enjoy life. Their eyes sparkle with happiness and they always manage to find a solution to any of the mistakes made. Their happiness is contagious and they allow the light of love to shine forth without any restrictions, judgments or rewards. The glimmer of hope is not allowed to be blocked or dimmed in their company or presence. They leave doors and windows open to intuition and the unexpected. They are gifted with eyes to see your light and be enchanted by it instead of being envious. No matter how you are feeling, they will make the light of love shine upon you any day, any time.  

Avoid at all costs those people who are there by your side only in moments of sorrow to offer words of condolences. They shower words of sympathy on you and make you feel like they understand but in reality it is their way of proving to themselves that they are stronger and wiser than you. They are actually offering condolences to their own heart since they did not make the same mistake as you.

Be with the people who are there with you in your moments of joy since they do not harbor envy for you. Instead they are extremely happy in your moments of happiness.

Let the light shine forth!   

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