Let Thoughts Transform To Actions

thougts become things

Thoughts are the very basic entities which occupy the clutches of your mind and train it in a way that they drive your actions to be in alignment with the thoughts.A thought irrelevant of its origin pushes your being in a direction of the attainment of the picture of your desire already drawn in your brain.They captivate your mind and compel you to focus on the eccentricities of that thought;leading you unknowingly do the things in the direction of your preformed image.
Thoughts whether negative or positive chain your deeds into alignment for reaching your goal.The impulse of a positive thought is hundred times more powerful than the impulse of a negative thought.The brain is
nondiscriminatory between the thoughts it just commands your body to act preferentially of the predominant thought .The thoughts become a series and finally your actions.The most amazing fact about our thoughts is we can control our thoughts,we should train our brain in a way to be always responsive to accept positive thoughts and fade even the most bizarre image of a negative thought;because we cannot afford to keep even a single negative thought.

no negative thought allowed
The most commonest sayings in this context are,the way we act depicts the kind of person we are,and the mouth speaks what the mind permits.Recalling the legacy of the most successful souls we deduce that the kind of person they were seen at the time of the pinnacle of their careers was the result of the rigorous acceleration of their thoughts since ever ; the impulse of their thoughts went straight to the universe and as the notable writer Paulo Coelho says “when we desire with all our might to achieve something the whole universe conspires with us to achieve it”. The miraculous results of their seemingly brightest careers was due to the seed of that positive upsurge of their neatly aligned thoughts which kept their spirits high and made them work harder till the achievement of their goes.
Our thoughts indeed our really powerful; as it depends on the we handle a particular situation ;similarly the perfect balance of our thoughts is very important for our being. Our mind is trained in a way that tries to catch the negative thought first and then create a series of action leading to the results our brain is thinking.
We can reciprocate our actions in accordance to our thoughts , but first it is very important for us to cut off the negative clutches and train our brain to receive just the positive impulse because its quiet easy to create a sequence from a negative thought but similar doing with a positive effort is quite a task because we have to first kick start our mechanism to discard the negative thoughts.
Being positive is a virtue which the wise follow, we can get all we receive or desire to receive with a positive approach, after mastering our thoughts, we should keep our mind focused to our desired aim, because distraction is like a negative staircase which pulls us ten steps back with every positive ascent.There are several [people in this world who determine day in and out to reach heir aims,they even try to work hard by putting in extra effort,burning the midnight lantern they thrive hard to achieve their goals but unexpectedly they fail,there extra effort goes in vain this all happens because with the art of mastering there subjects they somewhere or the other drop out the control of their thoughts,they continuously suffer from the fear of failure and these negative thoughts make home in their minds,and with their determined hard work they even create a series of negative vibes ,hence,spoiling the very basic need of their success a positive approach,the chain of thoughts makes them physically weak and mentally in fear of failure .Therefore whatever we do we should put first the brick of a well pained mind saturated with a positive zeal.
Positive thoughts not only make our being wise but also elevates all those around us, their vibes reach like a butterfly to everyone it touches, as a butterfly leaves its dust,similarly positive vibes leaves a life changing impact to everyone it reaches.
Hearing the words, “never can your son hear again”, Napoleon Hill determined within his mind to change the natures scar, he envisioned his son hearing like a normal man and even trained his son to do so, his mind created a series of positive thoughts and pushed his being to act accordingly, when all the doctors had called up with the child’s no natural mechanism of hearing, there was a spark after 18 long years of positive and honest effort, and miraculously the deaf child started hearing, everybody called it a magic, but Napoleon knew it was the result of the positive impulse.
There is nothing impossible in the world, the forefathers of our actions, our thoughts describe our being, they are the breakers and makers of our destiny and to manage them efficiently is in our hands.

So, let your being be decisive of our goals and destiny,
built a positive approach, and have full faith and
believe in yourself, your goals, because well begun is
half done, wake up today and refresh your being with the
magic within you. See the magic of your thoughts and how
miraculously they became your actions!!!!!


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