What lies under the London Bridge? It is love,affection and fondness


“Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.”―Samuel Johnson 

I am so excited since it will be my first trip abroad and my first flight trip and that too all alone . Doesn’t it sound exhilarating? I have done my packing and all geared for my most anticipated journey. IGI airport is massive with diversified people. After my check-in and security checking I took out diary and started writing my most looked-for journey to an unknown land. I am reading all the stuff related with U.K exclusively London. Humming the songs of K3G as the latter half of the story is shot in London and we can relate the buildings and fragrance of the soil.

Finally, I am in dream city and it is much gorgeous than ever imagined. Traditional edifice and those tour buses flabbergasted me the most. I am adoring this city beyond anything and feeling in high spirits for no reason. Finally I have kept my luggage at my cousin’s place in Wembley Park and went out to discover the fine-looking city. We often call London as a mini India, when I was exploring the city, I saw many Indian faces with a big smile as they greet and that feeling sweeps u on cloud 9.Hospitality at its best and that is the best part of my dream city.

I boarded my tour bus, these are basically red in color and Double Decker.I preferred upper deck and sat on a vacant seat. As I was taking out my tour guide book, person sitting next to me introduced himself as a citizen and told me that do visit London Bridge and visit Madam Tussaud.I felt so warm and hospitable that although I am away from my country yet I feel so optimistic and revitalized here. It is indeed true that a place is known by its populace not from its structural design or GDP.I will give ten on ten to this city when it comes to love, warmth and fondness.

We all have seen London in movies and Bollywood songs. Now I will see the striking and flamboyant Thames River in real. London Bridge is stunning and I can see so many tourists clicking their pictures with their loved ones. As I was alone, I asked a stranger to click a picture of mine in front of that memorable bridge. As he was capturing my Kodak moment I see a bunch of school children walking in a queue to see the place. I love children and they were so excited to get in the ferry and take a round in the Thames River. I opted a seat next to those children and heard their conversation. Children are discussing about the city of love and joy i.e. London. Children are an essence of purity and love and I had observed the same thing that day.

Now came the most awaited Madam Tussaud. I am so excited to see my favorite stars wax statues. As I was taking the ticket, group of people came to me and asked are you from the same country of Shah Rukh Khan? Here I became the proudest Indian and elaborated them that yes, in this showroom there are many wax statues that are of Indian stars. We formed a group and now exploring each bit of Madam Tussaud with awe and surprise of the intricate designs and curves. As we stand in front of Shahrukh Khans statue we are now discussing his hits and specifically Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.I must tell you my friends that this is the most hit movie outside India. Everybody is aware of the pet names of Rahul Anjali and you will feel so good and proud that these stars are from your soil.I was short of time so gave a frequent visit outside Buckingham Place and later saw the huge Big Ben clock.

I am befriended with this new group of youngsters and one of them offered me to see Oxford University. I am thrilled to see the most renowned varsity. Her name is Sharon and we are heading towards the most honorable university in the world. As we entered the premises I see variety of students be it Africans, Americans, British or Asians. Culmination of so many countries together in one university is undoubtedly something worth seeing. I have to thank Sharon for making me visit this wonderful place from where we have seen so many eminent personalities coming out. Many Nobel laureates have been the alumni of this institute and delivered productivity to their respective countries.

None of the cities are awful or first-class. Inhabitants of that soil construct it the same. This has been proved in this city. I have made wonderful friends here and learned how to be hospitable to your guests and make them feel home-like in the new city. I was given so much love from this city that I wish to deliver the same back to them in any form. Hence I have asked Sharon and her friends to visit India and see the beautiful Taj Mahal and exotic South India in the coming summer holidays. I have learnt that love everybody around you and at the end you will get immense happiness and contentment. Love your life the way it is and explore the world around you. There is so much to know and learn from others. It means a lot to love and be loved with people circumscribing you. It inculcates a feeling of positivity and confidence in your attitude. That’s how my journey to an unknown land commenced and finished so magnificently.

Give Love and get love!

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