Life Is A Festival

Let us imagine ourselves standing in the midst of a festival hall.How will our reaction be? Everyone will enjoy to the core. I will forget myself and my surroundings. Who ever may be with me it doesn’t matter. Enjoyment will make me forget all the problems and worries. Relaxation is necessary for everyone and a festive scene will relax most of the people. Hope every human being will react the same.

life is a festival
Guess what I’m speaking about? It’s about our life. Human life is very precious. Just a minute,before getting into the topic let’s discuss about rebirth. What do you think about rebirth? I have heard few people saying rebirth exist until all our desires are fulfilled. But do you think it’s possible. I have a question. If we have rebirth and we are born to fulfill our unsatisfied desires then why we don’t have the memories of previous birth? Without memories, without knowing what our desires are how is it possible to fulfill that. I have also heard people saying human rebirth is based on the absolve and sacredness committed in their previous life. If a person is born because of his sins then why does he commit mistakes again? I have not come across any Mr. Perfect or Ms. Perfect. what about you guys?
Even if rebirth exist what is the guarantee that we are born as humans. Epics says us human being is the last stage of birth for an soul. A soul initially exist as a worm and after few other existence it finally takes the form of human being. If our ancestors are correct then now our soul is in its last form of existence. We respect ourself which means we respect our soul. So, its our duty to keep our soul happy. How is this possible? It’s very simple. Enjoy each and every moment of your life. Do things which are correct according to you. Don’t hurt anyone. Spread love and care.
Okay now let’s see how life is related to festival. Let me outline few examples. If a child has a balloon in his hand, he will be the most happiest person in the world. He will enjoy each moment like how he will enjoy a festive scene. He will not care about his surroundings or the problems he faced before getting that balloon in hand. He will be the most happiest person in the world. That enjoyment makes him feel special. Makes him strong. It prepares him mentally for rest of the day. That happiness gives him courage to face things.
What are the adults doing? They don’t enjoy the things they do. They run behind their needs. They run behind luxury,fame,money and lot more. Then from where will we get the happiness? We look at only our needs. We spend time only to think about ourself. We don’t care about our neighbours or anyone else. This selfishness is standing above humanity. Why can’t we sit alone for a few minutes and think about ourself. Living a luxurious life by Killing humanity is not going to do any good to our soul. Leading a life with basic needs is enough if we have humanity. He may say he is happy because he is having whatever he needs. But his soul is not happy. His soul is not getting it’s needs. When we are not there in this people people who lived around us should remember us at least for few days. They should speak good things about us. They should not curse us after our death.
Consider yourself having a tea. It may be a fine morning or a sunny afternoon. Do you enjoy the tea? Most of the people won’t. They may be thinking about their problems or about their family. They may be planning their future or their carrier. They may be scheduling that days duties. They may even be scolding someone. why ain’t we enjoying the drink? The tea has its own texture,taste. But why are we not ready to make ourself happy with that drink? Why ain’t we notice the color of the drink,feel it’s texture? Why do we ourself make our lives so complicated?
Our soul needs only peace. We feel peaceful when we are happy. When we are enjoying. Then why don’t we enjoy each and every moment of life? Why don’t we take things easy? Being peaceful is all we need. But this truth is not understandable by most of us. Even if we realise this it will be too late to act accordingly. Enjoying everything we do is necessary. We may do even a simple activity like purchasing a pen, consider it like a big event of your life and be happy for that. Peace will come searching for you.
Our conscious existence is only once. Try to make your soul happy in this life. Enjoy every second of your life like a festival. You will feel a very good change within yourself. You will feel your heart lighter. You will be with positive thoughts always. With positive thoughts, things happening to you will also be positive as our thoughts are also responsible for the things happening to us. If you are happy you will help people around you. People will like to cling with you. When you are happy you will make people around you happy. That’s really a great job.
So, consider life as a festival. Enjoy each and every moment of it. Be happy and make others happy.

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