Life is all About Living in The Moment


If you aren’t in the moment, you are either looking forward to uncertainty, or back to pain and regret.

Jim Carrey
There are moments in life when you can’t help but wonder how you ended up in the place that you are. Have we not been faced, at least in our entire life, with this terrible existential crisis, the fundamental question – Who Am I? of course the moment we confront ourselves with this question, we are faced with a torrent of its dreadful kin, What Am I Doing Here? How Did My Life Get This Way? What Am I Going To Do?

Once we encounter these imposters who shake our confidence in us, causing us to question every move, every decision that we have ever taken in our lives, it is inevitable to take a trip down nostalgia lane and not relive the moments in our lives that have come to define us. These moments are both – victory and defeat, failure and accomplishment, losses and gains, love and loss, pain and recovery, joy and sadness.

The one emotion however, that’s has its grip like a vice around us is regret. This one single emotion has the capability of reducing our entire life work into one mishap after another, making us linger on things we did or didn’t do. Regret is what makes us think that what we did was never good enough and that what we will do will also fall in the same category. It cripples our decision making ability by clouding our judgments with a dark cloud of self- doubt. We tend to ponder on things long gone by and make up scenarios in our head which will never come to pass.

When we are down the road of regret, the seed of ‘What If’ is planted firmly in our mind. The more we water it, the more it grows, until the very moment where it takes over us completely and we are just faced with a mountain of questions which blocks out our vision of answers. ‘What If’ is a dangerous acquaintance to make in the journey of life, as it will fill you with indecision and make you dwell on the skeletons in your closet which you have long buried.

What we need to understand is that ‘What If’ can be beaten. Nothing in this world is impossible if you set your mind to it.  All it needs is a healthy dose of determination and focus. To focus on the ‘What If’ is easy. It’s the best way to escape into a reality that will never come into being. It’s easy to blame all your problems to the past and things which are not in your control or circumstances that you couldn’t change.  What takes real courage is to accept the fact that what happened, happened. To trust in your decision even when faced with doubt is what requires nerves of steel.

Dwelling on the past is unproductive. It does not bear any fruit, except the ones of bitterness. To worry about the future will yield no results as well, as you do not know what is going to happen. If your present is so clouded with your past, how do you expect to look into the future clearly? Using the Past and The Future as crutches for support in the Present will only serve to cripple your Now. The entire point of living life is to focus on the Present, to live for the moment, to live for Now.

The old saying goes something like this – yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift that is why it is call Present. Life is about living in the moment. To enjoy each moment that fills your life. Live in every second. Why worry about things that have been and things that may or may not be? When you think about the future, you have already lost precious moments of your present that you could have used to do something that makes you happy. When you think about the past, you lose precious time in a moment you have already lived.

To feel alive, you need to be present in the Now. Live passionately. Spend more time doing what you love doing so that it gives you happiness. There is no time like the Present to live in. Nothing makes you feel more alive than to be aware of every sensation that you feel when you are present in the moment, alert and sensitive to everything that goes on around you. From various sounds and colours and smells to various people and faces, you will be fascinated by the amount of things you see. Even that which you have seen earlier will appear in a different light. Living in a bubble will just keep you from witnessing the magnificent events that unfold around you every day.

The purpose of life is to fill it with Joy. We do not know what awaits us in the future, but we will all end up eventually where we are supposed to go. Arriving at the destination will hold little joy if one does not enjoy the journey undertaken to reach it.

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