Life To Love: Of Jinxed Moments and More

You might know it, or you won’t. Or maybe you simply are too scared to accept it. But you do have this certain something which always rings a fearful bell. What I call the jinxed. I choose my own words, and that is the best part of my dictionary, but this in particular is not my own word. Is there something, some action that gives you Goosebumps just by its very name? Nothing about that something for you goes right. It hasn’t for a long time at least. Then, I welcome you to the jinxed club.

I have a friend who’s been putting up in a college hostel for a long time. Just last week I remember waking up to a message from him asking if I was up. Half sleepy I looked at the time the message was sent. The shock was enough to wake me completely. He is usually a late riser. He sleeps late too. The time my phone said his message was received is usually the time he takes to sleep, not wakes up. I reply with usual morning greetings only to break into laughter at his reply. He was at it again. His story of trains and jinxed moments was back, just this time a lot more elaborate. I am sure it would seem rather insensitive of me to laugh at his miseries but you would too if you only read what happened. He was returning from a short trip home. His train was scheduled to reach his station at 4:00 am. I was sure he had scheduled an alarm too so as to wake up. But he didn’t and his train moved stations. He still didn’t. He woke up only when he had missed a number of stations beyond his own to laugh at his own realization of train journeys not being his thing at all. I asked him how was it humanly possible for him to keep sleeping through all those stations without realizing. What he said was the best part of it all. A plain statement with so much underlying to it. “Pretty simple. Just don’t wake up”, he said.

Man Running After Departing Train

You say you can’t determine in one event of what is jinxed and what is not. It can be a simple co-incidence. I believe you too. But here is what happened the last time he travelled on train. In his own string of events he was rather sure of not letting the train journey go wrong that time. He didn’t. He had disembarked on the right station too. Then what you ask? Then, he was on the right station with his entire luggage, just not his laptop bag. And the bag had his laptop too. His discovery had dawned just about in the middle of being late and in time. The train had started to move out of the platform, just not taken speed yet, just not out of vision yet. He was clueless of what to do till the rattling of the train gave him a piece of mind he hadn’t expected out of his own at that time. It happens when you love your laptop that much. It being your most prized possession, and no, I am not over- exaggerating. He ran to the train, as they do in the films only that those trains are on their own speed and pace. But he got lucky. Leaving his other entire luggage on the platform, unguarded, did not go in vain. He returned to his other luggage, with his laptop bag. But not everyone gets that lucky, do they? Not everyone might have the same running speed too.


I have a pretty interesting history of jinxed moments too. Every time that I have copied links from where I shouldn’t, and I do that quite often, I have shared the links at the wrong places. Don’t get it? I didn’t get my last statement too. I’ll try again. Every time that I have stalked some person I am not supposed to stalk for the pictures to be shared in a particular inbox, as a favour of friendship of course, I have ended up with sharing it on wrong inboxes. What can be more embarrassing than that? Sharing it in your employer’s inbox is. I was embarrassed of it two days and an hour more maybe. I would have been more if my employer had known the person I had shared about, or if he didn’t understand enough. Nevertheless something positive happened out of my wrong inbox too. I gained a friend with whom I laughed about my blunders later. But the blunders continue still. Is that a divine intervention that I should stop helping friends that ways? To put it straight, stop stalking people I am not supposed to stalk? No it doesn’t. If it did it would have been a clear signal to the friend that trains were not for him at all. But they are, for each one of us. Aren’t they?

I am sure every one of you has had your share of jinxed moments too. Some a little too often, some troublesome and some plain embarrassing but I can also assure you in one too many words that of all these moments, the ones you’ve hated the most, you’ll love the most too. For every jinxed moment has a story planned. Revisit your jinxed moments and realize your hidden story. You might gift a laugh to us and laugh yourself too. And it will always be a memoir of the fun that it was.


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