Life is what you make it!

Life is full of changes. Things always happen, sometime or the other. Happy moments and sad moments, excitement and joy, surprise and shocks, disappointments, everything is a part and parcel of our lives. But it often happens, that we curse ourselves for the kind of life we have. Everything just seems to go wrong, all at once and are left in despair, trying to figure out what wrong had we done to anyone to deserve this. Things just don’t work out, and along with us, our family and friends suffer. They are the ones subjected to all the anger and frustration that we collect within ourselves. But yeah, when things fall into place, when all our work gets done and we are so satisfied with ourselves, everything else is forgotten for good. All the dark days, when the smallest thing was going wrong, it just doesn’t matter anymore. But, what if we had perfect lives, what if we had everything that we wanted. Life is what you make it!Would our lives be better or worse? Let’s take a look.

lifestyle-newborn-photography-I-this-is-my-happy104Imagine a perfect childhood. Right from the time you are born, you have everything that a child could possibly want. The perfect room, decorated with all the toys, super rich parents, a room full of toys, and another room full of video games and story books, trips to Disneyland every year, going out every Sunday to one place or the other, birthday parties with three tier cakes, unlimited availably of every kind of food- pizza, chocolates, ice creams, coke, chips, and a lot more, whenever you like. Basically, these are the few things that would make our childhood happy. Okay, so now the real world. We might not have had a big room, but we slept peacefully and securely with our parents and grandparents, on alternate days. We had toys, and we would sometimes cry for many, and our dad’s would agree to buy one. Isn’t this a better way? Things become way too valuable and a limited supply of toys is enough because all of them have certain special memories. Asking dad for 10 bucks every Sunday to buy a packet of chips, and the once in a month going out in a restaurant with the entire family with loads of conversations and happiness and ice creams, isn’t it better?

friendschangeNow, imagine your teenage years. As you are growing older, you have certain specific demands, and all of them are fulfilled. A nice laptop, the best phone, a car/ bike that you own, a big group of friends with whom you hangout every free day, family trips to exotic places, a credit card to yourself, branded everything, and basically, the perfect teenage, where hormonal imbalance won’t even matter. Now, the normal teenage, the first computer, which everyone uses, you teaching your mom and dad about the computer, fighting with your brother for a chance to play a game, the first phone, which you go to buy, with your entire family, and after so much of contemplation, you choose a good set within the budget, friends with whom you hang out at home, when you go out, everyone looks at each other funnily asking to contribute, pocket money from which you save and get a gift for your mom on her birthday, taking your little sister for an ice cream which she would love to have with her big brother , all this is so happy, isn’t it?

Then you grow up. You have seen good times and bad times, and know the value of money. You know that happiness is just enjoying with your family and friends, and having everything just makes your life more interesting and an experience. When you first earn and with that money, you buy a really nice gift for your parents, something your mom has been wanting for days, and that smile on her face. It’s worth every penny you spend. Things are never perfect for anybody. When one has money and a big house, you don’t have people to call it a home, when you don’t have a lot of money but then living together under the same roof, with a small room for yourself, which you decorate with your hands, which has memories that are too personal to share, everything seems good. Life is full of situations and this is what makes life worth living for. There are various moments in our lives when we are faced with problems. But then solving those problems, struggling hard to make it to the top, and when you reach there, being humble and grateful for whatever god has given you and life has taught you. That is the perfect moment. Ultimately what matters is the feeling of happiness, pure bliss. Start believing in yourself and stay positive. Take a chance to prove your worth.


Stay happy and don’t try to achieve a perfect life, try to get a happy one. Spread love and joy in the lives of those who need it, do something but do it with a big heart. Faith, love, passion, struggle, happiness, all this and much more make a life worth living.

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