Life is Much more than Materialism

It is an irrevocable fact that the whole world seems to revolve around money. The human civilization is, to a great extent, sustaining because of money. The basic needs of humans are food, clothing and shelter. Where do you get food from? You use money to buy food or you grow crops, which also requires money. Where do you get clothes from? You need to put you hands into your pocket and take some more money out. After you have bought food and clothes, where will you stay? You need a place to stay to take keep your family and yourself safe and comfortable. Again, you need a lot more money to either rent a house or buy one. This is just the tip of the iceberg my friend. Education, electricity, water, travelling and transportation, communication, internet and a zillion other things that are necessary and need to be paid for, you simply cannot survive without money.
However, no matter how much I agree that money is essential for survival, I think that the power of money is overestimated. As I have already said that money will buy a zillion things in life, I also need to make it clear that there are some things that money can’t buy. Moreover, these few things have the capability to give you the comfort which materialistic things cannot. You can have all the money in the world but if you don’t have these ‘few things’, you will be miserable.
money devil
Were people not happy during the cave man era? I agree people were leading a tough life full of struggles and absolutely no comfort as compared to today’s times. Nevertheless, were they not happy? If you think they weren’t, I am sorry to say that you most probably have confused the true meaning of the word with short lived pleasure that is obtained from materialistic objects. Does love exist because of the presence of money? If your answer is yes, then do you think a dog loves his master because of his wealth? The beautiful movie ‘Marley and Me’ had a wonderful lesson to teach us. The narrator says; I don’t remember the exact words but they went more or less like this, that a dog does not car if his master is rich or poor, handsome or ugly. You give him your heart and he’ll give you his. We are obviously better than dogs. Or wait, are we?
It is not the currency’s fault. For that matter, it is a nonliving object and can do no harm. Money, as we all know, is necessary to ensure fair means of trade. You take something and give something worth its equal amount. The barter system was used first which involved the exchange of articles. Then money was invented and since then it is being used to run trade and it is doing a good job. The harm is done by us. We always have the devil luring us to please him by doing the wrong things. Since we have surprisingly devoted our life to earning money, we have given money the power to not only judge people or give people control depending on their financial might but also control our lives and lead us to a path where the only end is our insatiability.
Being financially well off can mean spending your days enjoying a lot more comfort but beware the dangers of a misleadingly impressive bank account. Having a heavy wallet might cause your pants to go down in public! Want to know how and why? Here’s how I advocate my stand that extra money can spell disaster. A person walks a certain path if he is looking to reach a predetermined destination. He works hard to earn money. He earns money to fulfil his family’s needs. He needs to put food on the table, clothes on his loved ones’ bodies, a roof over their head and along with these basic needs, another important thing he needs to take care of is the education of his children. Now, as long as his pockets have just enough money to lead a life that is good by all standards as well as save for the future, there is no problem (considering that he is a cautious spender). As soon as there’s extra cash coming in, a man starts feeling better about himself, he feels happier and a bit relaxed and the moment he starts feeling relaxed, you can smell something unnecessary cooking inside his head. Being relaxed can make a man spend on useless things. Drinking, partying, luxuries and buying things that are not really needed are all money down the drain.

Having a nice home, driving a nice car, wearing beautiful and fancy clothes, showing off expensive and gadgets that are of no real use to one and other such materialistic possessions are wanted by people because they need appreciation and respect from the world. Though they have a full pocket, they are a bit short on wisdom because they seem to forget that as long as they have a comfortable home, presentable and clean clothes, an adequate car that will drive just fine and a cell phone good enough to keep them connected to the world, they don’t need to spend money to buy the love, approval and respect of the society.

These things will be gone no sooner than they run out of their money. I prefer to stay satisfied in life and desire only excellence in what I do and ‘earn’ the love and respect of my family and friends. There are people out there who need things more than you do. Any extra money should be used to help the needy because there is no use saving it up because thieves can steal it or you might end up using it when you do not really need to. Instead, help people and save the blessings in heaven where none can take them away from you and God will cash them at the perfect time.

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