Our Life, Our Pilgrimage


It is said that the human soul is on a pilgrimage. One has to undertake a journey which needs to have some purpose. The purpose should be something that is close to your heart. The person after completing his particular task and coming out of all perils and obstacles is bound for a holy place and so it is not for just some mere enjoyment. Human soul just has the sole objective that must be kept at all times in context so that in the person’s line of sight it is only their destination that is in focus. There are always various ways and intellectualistic ideas that pave the way of one’s pilgrimage. One just needs to find it by the means they can.

There are certain ideas that are not conflicting. The human soul is on a journey and all human souls are looking at the plight of the world around, learning the lessons and gathering as much experience they can from incidents and happenings around. Every person is evolving…from their childhood where they are knowing about the world and gaining knowledge to teen years where one tends to follow the path that they are bound to take in their adulthood and then as time progresses, one reaches the goal that they had set up earlier. Out there in the real world, people are moving slowly towards their destination but there are many souls around who do not recognize or moreover they do not understand that they are made for a particular objective and they have to fulfill it.

The objective, reasoning, goal or the purpose of life is absolutely sacred and holy in every aspect. People are wanderers and some remain stable to their goals. The thing is to know in which category you are at the moment. Do not be confused but have a more instinctive belief and have a more steady intuitive feeling inside of you. In this way, you might be able to clear up your mind of problems and then you would be able to see the reality of the travels that you have had and the need of all those experiences that you had gone through. There are people who know what their particular objective and goal in life is and in this way, they are able to urge others to live life nobly. So in one manner, the person who knows his or her goal helps another person to understand the objective of their pilgrimage. Remember that it does not matter what the goal or objective is but you must understand that you need to do what is right. It is about taking care of yourself and understanding that the sole purpose of your life is to complete your objective.

Whether one is a man or woman, a child or a teen or an old person…people of all ages sometimes are wanderers of sorts and they do not know what they want in life and what their life even means. All at some point of time even late would be able to know what their life means. They know that life is a pilgrimage and that the human soul is likely to fulfill the required objective and be on the righteous path of fulfillment. The journey of life or the pilgrimage is all about the difference between someone who is a wandering person and the other who knows what he is onto. It is about filling the gap in between. As one grows more and more, one tends to recognize and know more about the life’s purpose and about how important and sacred life is. It is about how a person knows about his or her weaknesses and strengths.

Like you are born and you have no idea of what is happening around. As you grow, you are trained well in field of education and sports. In our teens you tend to face with your emotions and the people around. During college you tend to be on your own and it is then that you face the real life ahead. Then it is about to get a job, to start a family and then ending of circle of life with time. It is about finishing the goals of life one by one and ultimately finding what you always vied for- Perfect happiness in life. It is not about questioning the purpose but it is about obtaining the answers to the questions of life. Your life is bound by time but it also is important that you do not lead it in a meaningless fashion but have a certain purpose in it. The difficult part is that people do not recognize this factor and they are not alert even to understand the signs given by life and nature to them. One needs to have an inquiring mind and understand the inner deep meaning of events, occurrences and incidents happening around. Through this only would one be able to realize the purpose of one’s life.

Remember that life has a purpose and every purpose for every person has a definite meaning. Life is all about goals and everyone’s life is a pilgrimage and we, humans are the sole pilgrim of our soulful life.

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