Life – A Second Chance

“Having a second chance makes you want to work even harder”              -Tia Mowry

How well can you define life? Life is not something that can be just described in mere words. Life is meant to be felt, experienced and to be learnt from. The only way to have an upper hand over our life is to accept the challenges given to us by it and prove that we are not weak. Once we think of ourselves as a weak person, we tend to get discouraged in every possible way throwing our self into depression.

People in the present generation have undergone a lot of changes in their style of living, learning, implementing and achieving various aspects. This generation is facing a huge competition at every step of their life. Naturally they undergo peer pressure and pressure from their parents regarding their choice of career, their personal interests etc. We can handle this pressure till an extent that we do not break down completely and can still work according to the pressure. But once the pressure becomes too much and we will be unable to handle it, comes the word “depression”. Depression is the sinking feeling felt in the heart which turns us into an emotionally weak or imbalanced person. For Example, a cart of vegetables can handle the weight kept upon it till a stage that it can be handled and moved forward. As the weight goes on increasing, there comes a point where the weight can no longer be taken by the cart and the cart expresses it by breaking down entirely, unable to move any further. Such a stage in human life is now being treated as “Depression”.

Surveys have concluded that 1 person out of 4 in the range of 16-24 years are facing this problem in present world. Also the number of people suffering from this illness has increased over 70% in the past 25 years. This is a serious issue as the people suffering with this problem feel so low and lost all the time that they do not even attempt to come out of it. They will be lost in thoughts which are filled with negativity and put themselves in the shoes of the people who have experienced just sadness but nothing else in their life. This is one of the main reasons they always stay in their own world i.e self-imagination. They tend to undergo eating and sleeping disorders (experiencing the extreme cases of both). If not given proper counselling and care, this illness may even lead to suicidal tendencies.

However, even before moving on to the further stages of depression, the individual going through this crisis should just think about his situation and try to come out of it. “No one can help you better than yourself” in such times. It is not that the person is unaware of his condition but he doesn’t want to accept it which is false. After all it is your life and you surely deserve a second chance to prove yourself and accept the challenge given to you by your life rather than sulking in a corner and hurting.

It is not very easy to come out of this illness very soon but a sincere try is always appreciated. There are some basic steps that are to be analyzed which can change your life and give your life a second chance to carry on.

1. Understand the depth of your problem

Problems are many, but the exact and the deeper perspective of your problems are known only to you. You are the right person to decide how serious the problem is and how far you feeling low is truly necessary.

Once you understand this, you will get to know that the problem, though big is worth being sad but isn’t worth you going into a depression.




2. Make new friends

Making new friends is one effective idea as you get to know about various kinds of people and learn from them. If you aren’t a social person before, it is alright, be one from now. Meet, interact and learn from people, their experiences. There is nothing in the world which cannot be a learning guide. It is just the perspective that matters!!


new friends


3. Read inspirational books

Reading books is one other great habit that has to be cultivated by everyone. Books form authors like Robin Sharma, inspirational quotes of Swami Vivekananda etc will boost up your confidence and help you understand the inner meaning of life. If that is understood, then there is no force that can stop you are make you feel low at any point of time in your life.



4. Develop a new habit/hobby

Start off with a new habit /hobby which you wanted to pursue from a very long time. It may be going to dance classes, having your own garden, learning a technology which is related to your favorite field. It is not the hobby that matters; all it matters is the dedication you give to it and thus spending the time in a fruitful manner.




5. Let go off your burdens

This is the most important of all the techniques available to bring your heart into your brain’s control. Every person has their own problems and burdens which cannot be shared with anyone and this secrecy also leads to the depression when the person will be unable to discuss it with anyone and he being left alone with the problem. Now it is time for you to cheer up and let go off your burden. Do not think about things that worry you a lot as being worry doesn’t change anything. Instead we become more disorganized and tend to make more mistakes.

Hence let go off the problems and stay cheerful by doing what you love. Passion is all that matters for a happy life.


let go

Life should be given a second chance after going through the first stage of depression and getting a second chance should be an excuse to prove yourself and show the world that you are not below anyone and can achieve your dreams.

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