Life Is too Short to Wait

Live Life Alive! It is perhaps easier said than done. Life is full of complexities ranging from torment, agony, unending wait, smiles, tears, death and new beginnings. Getting to the crux of this spiral called life and having a firm hold on it is a difficult but not an impossible task. We lose our grip on our own lives due to certain uncalled for circumstances. However, death serves as a constant reminder that ‘life is to be lived.’ It is good to be aware that I will die one day. Death prepares me for life. It pushes me to go out there and embrace life in its entirety, living each and every moment as if it were the last. Life goes on, but existence will one day end. Scrap down existence and concentrate on life.

There are many people in this world who are born in secret and abandoned outside a children’s home. New born children are abandoned and left to die. Many people are reaching the end of a long, painful illness. Between these spaces of birth and death life circulates and waits for us patiently to give it a new meaning, a new definition.

People worry about absurdities and fail to notice important moments. They don’t take risks because they fear danger. They complain a lot but are afraid to take action. They want everything to change but refuse to change themselves. All this leads to despondence, anger and perpetual frustration.

Next time, when you walk on that beach, enjoy the sunshine; enjoy the tranquil waters and the company of people around you rather than worrying about the filthy mud. Next time, when you decide to go under water diving, do not back out instead conquer your fears, you will feel liberated. Next time, when you complain against garbage strewn on the road, make sure you yourself are throwing garbage in the dustbin. Next time, when you want everything to change, remember Gandhi’s words; “Be the change you want to see.” Live your life the way you want to and feel the difference. Your happiness quotient will rise and anxieties and fears will considerably decline.

life is too short to wait

In this monotonous rat race to achieve success and wealth, we forget the small things in life which give us immense happiness. In your quest to buy a diamond ring, you forget the old ring gifted to you by your mother. Sitting in our lavish houses, we forget the beauty of the wilderness. We close our doors and windows to protect ourselves from dust. Little do we know that in that process, we are also shielding ourselves from the sun rays and the rain drops! Air conditioners replace fresh air and long walks are replaced by rides in the car. Perfumes have replaced the scent of the fresh flowers and text messages have made us forget the importance of face to face conversations. In this morbid race, there is no time for human emotions and sentiments. A lot has been left behind while only a little remains.

That first spell of rain ceases to give us joy any longer. In fact, it only spells more problems. We are so much engrossed in our work that there is no time left to have a blissful conversation with the family over that hot, steamy cup of tea or coffee. I think we should slow down a bit. We should start living in the moment rather than making incessant plans for the future. Yes, we must toil hard. But we should learn to take that much needed break from time to time. Life is not a race but a journey where you decide your pace. The slower you travel, the more you explore and the more you gain.

Measure your happiness through moments when you actually felt happy, through time spent with family and friends, through time spent helping the needy and contributing towards society. Happiness is not measured by the amount of currency notes that you have in your pockets. Keep your smile intact and lighten up our mood. Nature has enormous amount of beauty to offer. You just have to have an eye for it and incorporate and assimilate it in your system. Begin each day with a refreshing smile and a resolve to live each and every moment to the fullest. Do not be afraid to be a little crazy. Do not forget to make that much postponed phone call. Rekindle lost friendships and relationships. Learn to forgive and forget. Ignite the flame of hope in your hearts. Life is beautiful!

Do not fear death. Death is simply the end of this incarnation and the beginning of a new one. Death gives you life. It pushes you to move forward. Death gives you the strength and courage that you need to fulfill important tasks in life. Death is a great motivator, while life is a great teacher. Death motivates you to learn the lessons of life and lead a life full of dignity, hope, courage, love, care and compassion. Life is born out of death. There is nothing to fear about death as it is anyway going to happen. Living your life in full measure is the only alternative. Life is too short to wait!


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