Life Teaches if only you Are Willing To Learn

Life is a journey towards a goal reached by taking small steps forward each day with courage and enthusiasm. While reaching our goal, we fall and rise and thus we learn. It is those lessons learnt while walking on the path of life’s each and every phase that help us keep going even if we fall. When we commit a mistake for the first time, the next time we learn to be more cautious. Life is a great teacher as it helps us build our individuality and makes us strong by giving us opportunities to experience every adversities of life.

As Malcolm X said – “There is no better than adversity. Every defeat, every heartbreak, every loss, contains its own seeds, its own lesson on how to improve your performance next time”.


Never take life for granted. Life seldom gives a second chance but one who is determined creates his second chance. We all want to be successful in our life but success is not a destination, but a journey full of experiences and lessons.


1. Patience and Courage to Wait


Life is unpredictable and anything can happen anytime. We get opportunity a moment and the next moment we may also lose it. We may have done much hard work to achieve our goal but it is very important to have patience and wait for everything to come out positive. If we fail, have the courage to accept it and continue hard working to one day reach our desired destination.

2. Give yourself a second chance


Never give up hope in your first attempt since nobody is perfect enough to never make a mistake in their first attempt. You have to be confident and have faith in your decisions so that you are able to reach your dreams. This can be done when you give yourself a second chance of modifying your mistakes made earlier. This will make your life better and full of accomplishments and it is wisely said that God helps those who helps themselves.

3. Never repeat a mistake twice


Making mistakes is human nature. When we make mistakes, we learn about ourselves and our misconceptions. This helps us to learn and progress in life that making a mistake is very important to better our life and thinking. But sometimes we need to stop repeating our mistakes. When we make a mistake twice or thrice, it becomes a choice and it shows that we are not learning anything from it.

4. Give respect and get respect


Respect is something that can never be bought; it has to be earned honestly. When we respect ourselves and give respect to others, we then get respected for our gesture. If someone doesn’t respect your views and decisions, you tend to disrespect them in turn. So it is very essential that we all respect each other to get the deserved respect. Respect is a precious jewel that makes a person’s individuality a waking glory.

5. Nothing stays forever


Nothing stays permanently in our life. If our good days passed away, our bad days too will get away soon. It is very important for our mind to accept that everything goes away from our life someday or the other. People, relationships, wealth, stardom, grief, and worries shall change with time. Nothing can be taken for granted, not even our life.

6. Belief in God


When we are faced with difficulties, we tend to ask for help so that we are able to overcome it. Each of us have some or the other problem. At such times, our faith and belief in God seems to strengthen. We learn to trust God and believe that it is only the Almighty who can save us from all troubles.

7. Never Trust blindly

Team work for Trust

Trust is not just a word; it is a bond that builds up between two relationships or two persons. In today’s time, it is good for us to trust but it can be very regretful to trust someone blindly. It takes a long time to build trust but takes nanoseconds to break it. The more we trust someone; we get more attached to that person. But a time may come when our relationships may turn out to be depressive or break point, at that it hurts to see our broken trust.

8. Never Say Never


We can never know what we are going to do in our future or what we are going to face in life. So learn to believe that “Never say Never” since you never know what circumstances may come in our life and what it may force us to do within our legitimate boundaries. So we should be ready for every kind of challenges in our life.

9. Fall to Rise Again


We all must have experienced failures in our life but it takes courage and positive attitude to learn from our failures and rise above it. Those who get stuck in life thinking about their failures and never trying to do it again will never learn to grow in life and achieve success and that remarkable joy in their life since the happiness of finally achieving that particular opportunity increases after experiencing failure in it. So learn to get up from failures and rise again.

10. Forget Past and Smile in your Present


Past becomes a poison of our life when it’s a disaster but it has gone so there is no point of remembering those moments that hurt us and ruins our present in the fire of the past. Keeping our mind and soul in the graveyard of the past is living a life without breath. Every day is a new beginning so smile at your present since joy of present should not be compromised for the grief of our past failures.

Life teaches us a lot of lessons. It depends on us how much we learn and absorb from it. We have got one life with many opportunities as well as failures. It is up to you what to learn from it and how to implement in your life. Happiness in our life is the ultimate achievement.

James M.Barrie said –“Life is a long lesson in humility”. Give life a chance to make you understand its purpose. Live life full of new hopes and live each day like it’s the last one.

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