Every day of my life was perfect, said no man ever. Have you ever come across someone who has been living a perfectly happy life since ever and forever? I bet not. You certainly have met someone at some point of time in your life who’s life seemed better than yours. Well, that happens all the time. We are all going to find people who have something better in their lives than we do in ours. But the truth is, that you too can be that somebody for someone else. People might look at you and think that you have a happier and much sorted life than they do. What we all tend to forget is that everybody has got bad days. Each one of us has our set of stories to share. And sometimes we do forget that everybody has a dark past or may be that everybody has something in their past that makes it a not so pleasant place to visit. Darkness does not spare anybody after all! I believe that this is just another part of our tragic yet beautiful lives. We all need a little drama and chaos all the time. What’s the fun in living a plain, boring and monotonous life? But what is important is how one moves on over his past and let’s it remain and live back in yesterday. There are a lot of people who have a hard time while trying to get through rough phases. A lot of them succumb to their depressions and surrender to sadness. I always wondered what made people so vulnerably weak. And I think I have realized that it is that fact that we are humans and our lives are never going to be any easier. But that does not mean that we stop living, right? We all have to keep walking on ahead rather than always moving back.

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I knew a friend who had lost his mother to some disease when he was just 9 years old. Since then he was raised by his father with probably some help from their relatives. When I found out about it, I always wondered how could someone deal with an incredibly painful loss like that? I probably can’t answer that because only someone who has faced that kind of a phase will know what it really feels like to lose a mother. It was not just difficult for the friend; imagine what his father  must have been through playing the role of both a mother and father to a little, innocent child who had to already face the harsh reality of life. But that boy just grew up right, and is a lively, responsible, sensible and genuine person now. Obviously his life will always have a devoid, he will always miss out on the mother-son moments but I am sure his mother is watching over him and that she is glad to see him grow and become a nice man. What would have happened had the son and father never moved on through that phase? What if the father had failed to help his son get through this incredibly rough and difficult phase? I think if that had happened, the boy would have just become a dull and dark person, living with a burden that could never be taken off and grown with love that was never enough knowing who he had lost. But he is here, and living happily. So are others who have left their pasts behind them.


Because if we remain stuck in our past, when are we really going to live? If this is not the time, then when is it? Every person needs to realize the fact that life does not wait for anybody. Life goes on, and so should we too. That does not mean that our future is going to be perfectly happy. No, we are obviously going to have more problems and difficult phases to deal with but what is more important is how we face our past and then let it go. Our pasts can be pretty disturbing and even scary at times. Many of us are scared to face our pasts. But unless and until we don’t face it, we will never be able to move on. We all have to just try to be strong and accept our past; face it and let go. Because things we are scared of most in our life, are the things that bring us the biggest strengths. Only if we decide to face the things we fear. There is no reason why someone should keep living in their past when their present and their future is in their hands, they do not have to keep going back to the dark places in their life. We all need to realize that what matters the most is NOW, it is this moment and we have to keep trying to make our own lives beautiful and help others live beautifully too. So everyone who is going through a rough phase right now, just know that this is not the end; that there are better and beautiful days ahead to come only if you decide to rise above your misery. So let things that hurt you remain in the past, or wait for the time when you are finally able to move on. And make sure that you live in your present moment and make it worth remembering in your future.

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