The light of hope

Life is a difficult thing that has happened to all of us. Never has it been easy and sorted for any of us. It comes like a unique puzzle for each of us and we have to put the pieces of our life together all by ourselves to finish the complete picture. Sometimes the picture turns out to be really colourful, bright and beautiful, while sometimes it has a lot of shades of grays and blacks. Sometimes it is dull and dark, with not much light and happiness in it. And it is a fact that everybody has ended up with these dull and dark canvases at various instances in their life. We do not intentionally plan to paint the canvas of our life with colours that do not make us feel happy about it. What brings these dark colours into our lives? It is the dark phases that each of us go through in our life. These phases are different for each of us, similar for a lot of us. Irrespective of what these dark phases are, they have a huge impact on our personality and the way we live our life. Bad phases in life always arrive when they are least expected. So you are all happy and fine with life and the way it is turning out for you, and suddenly a storm that you had not seen coming hits you hard and shakes your world and everything in your life falls apart, breaks into pieces and shatters all around the place like a broken glass. Soon before you realize, you are broken inside and already in depression.
People go through worse heartbreaks, failure in academics and loss of great career opportunities, loss of a loved one, traumatic experiences, torture, blackmail, violence and so much more. And these are the instances that invite dark colours on the canvas of our previously bright and beautiful life. As said, the person is caught in deep, dark depression without even realizing it. I think it is more like living in a house that has unlimited flow of shining sun-rays from the open doors and windows. And suddenly, all the doors and windows are shut tight and all you can see and feel is darkness. It is like feeling trapped in a dark room that has no way to exit. The fact is that people live in this dark room for a really long time. They sulk, suffocate and feel helpless. Darkness in life is scary. It blinds your vision, it makes you forget who you are, it snatches away your happiness in no time, it leaves you feeling weak and miserable, it takes away your will to survive and live. That is the power of darkness. If you let it take over you, it is powerful too. Some people even turn suicidal when they are really low and see no reason to continue living. Some people try to hurt themselves physically, emotionally as well as mentally; because they feel guilty and blame themselves for being the reason behind the occurrence of the bad phase. People lose sanity; they go insane and are totally lost. They need help but they deny it because they want to stay alone in the darkness. They fear coming out of the darkness. The fear of going through a bad phase again takes over your mind because you become fragile and weak. The worst thing that always happens is that people lose hope. They lose the hope to live; they lose hope that everything will be soon fine. They just lost hope, which is the most important thing for a person to keep going in life. And hope is one of the most difficult things to be found when trapped in darkness. And people are so immensely consumed in darkness that they do not even bother to look for a ray of hope. They tend to forget that hope is like a burning candle; it can fade away and wipe out the darkest of the nights and bring a new leash of life.


Hope is important to survive any situation. When the person fights enough to find some hope, he makes an effort to get out of the dark room, he shows his will to survive in the worst scenarios. People should not forget that when all the doors close, a window always opens. And that window is a symbol for hope. It makes us believe that if there is a dark night for now, there is soon going to be the dawn of a brighter morning. We all know the phrase, “If winter has arrived, can spring be far behind?” I know all of this is very philosophical and difficult to apply practically. But it does not have to applied, it only has to believed; the belief that everything is going to be fine someday, that the sun will rise soon and all your pain and anguish will dry away. It takes time to move on in life, but there comes a time when one fine day you wake up and nothing seems to bother you anymore, it feels like the weight of your burden has been released and it does not hurt as much anymore. Well, that is the power of hope. And if you ask me, it is the most powerful thing after fear. Hope vanishes fear. And it helps you rise way above from your misery and gives you the strength not just to survive but also to live. So keep the hope alive.

hope never dies

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