The journey into elegance starts with changing your irregularities into regularities and converting your problems into solutions. We sit or stand with our shoulders hunched and stumble while walking. This tells us and our adversaries that there is something that is not right. However, we are still resilient to change. Call it sloth or snobbishness; little do we care about our body and soul in this fast paced, moribund world. Human beings should be elegant in their actions and posture as elegance reflects good taste, graciousness, balance and harmony.

It is outright unjust to confuse elegance with superficiality and fashion. We must not, of course, become obsessed, worrying all the time about how we move our hands, walk or talk. But, we must make a conscious effort to improve the improper condition that we have subjected our body to. It should be known to one and all that our body speaks a language, beyond words through actions. The other person, be it your interviewer, friend, teacher or lover understands you through your facial expressions and body language and not merely through the words that you convey. Physical elegance is not a superficial thing but a way of honoring our body and soul. Through correct posture, inner peace, equilibrium and harmony is maintained which reflects in the outer body.

People often feel uncomfortable in the incorrect body language that they possess because it is false or artificial. Elegance or the right posture of the body makes our every step firm, every gesture perfect and every action convincing. It should not be confused with arrogance or snobbery. Elegance is aptly discovered when a person gets to know of his or her own qualities. Elegance is achieved when all the superfluous things are discarded and simplicity, focus and concentration are embraced. Elegance is as simple as it can be. The simpler it is, the more beauty it exudes. Walk joyfully with a firm step without fear of stumbling. Elegance does not only relate to your physical being but also to your spiritual self. Giving respect to others, treading on the path of dignity and following egalitarian principles are all part and parcel of your elegant spirit. Elegance helps you differentiate between a firm hand and a tremulous one. The real meaning of elegance lies within, deeper than you think.


When you feel tense, take a deep breath and stay calm. This will fill your body with tranquility and elegance. Elegance makes sure that your body is brimming with confidence which surprises your adversaries and helps your allies. The spirit of elegance most definitely makes you shine. Elegance actually fills your life with inexplicable miracles. Compare the tender elegance of a sparrow and the rowdy nature of the crow. This will perhaps make you realize the difference.

Elegance sets your spirit free and makes you take every decision correctly unmindful of the clutches of confusions, complications, distrust and jeopardy. The elegance of your spirit makes you relish the best moments of your life. On the contrary, it also makes you aware of the obstacles that came your way and how you overcame them so that you remember them in future and learn from them. Elegance of your spirit keeps you from giving up. It pushes you to try and try until you succeed. There are days in life when you feel out of sync, you feel pessimistic, out of love, bereft of a definite goal or aim and you realize that things are not right. And on that morning, when you find your aim is faltering, you will try to find a reason behind this imprecision. Your heart will beat anxiously and your hand will tremble, your mind will be confused but you will have the courage to confront the problem in the face.

Walk firmly with a smile on your face, with a cheer in your heart, with a stretched spine, relaxed mind and harmony in your soul. The elegance of your soul will make you face the world with an open chest. Elegance lights up your spirit and fills your body with zeal, enthusiasm, vivacity and thrill like never before. The entire answers lie in the very own life that you are living. The most dynamic way of going ahead of your competition is through elegance and not through unfair means. The world is full of corrupt, brutish, vicious personalities and elegance is the way out in order to mend the society and mend our conflicting ways. Elegance makes you differentiate right from wrong and instills a sense of respect for you in the hearts of fellow human beings.

Giving your friend a birthday gift, going to a NGO for social service, helping a blind man cross the road, giving your shoulder to someone who cries are all gestures that reflect the elegance of your spirit. This not only extends help and gratitude to others but also to your own soul which craves for happiness, love, care, respect and contentment in this world draped in the curtains of resent, hatred, avarice and disillusionment.

Elegance will take you to places and help you forget the depravity of the world!

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