All the Physical education and activities periods that we mostly spend on chattering away actually aim to teach us one thing and one thing only and it’s aptly summarized by Michael Jordon when he said,

Never say never, because limits, like fears, are often just an illusion.’

never say never

When we go out into the world outside the protective walls of our family and academic lives we all have our own game plans to make it large. We envisage and in details come up with things that we want to do, even not deciding and going with the flow is a conscious decision which stems from the same idea. But to even be out there in the world and survive we need to have an unbreakable spine, because like those before us problems and issues will try to break us down and maybe create distance between what we want to, but the only thing that you should keep in mind is “Constant Vigilance!” for that and that only is the key to making out alive.

People when they start pursuing their dreams or even begin to search for their dream and something to believe in often fall back due to pitfalls and rejections that are only just an important part of living and making it on your own, this applies to personal relations as much as it applies to our professional aspirations. We often forget that nothing comes easy in life and we can not take rejection on its face value. Find out the reason as to why you weren’t shortlisted for that interview, or why your writings were rejected or why you weren’t allotted that exhibition you wanted for your artwork! Unless you find out what’s going for you in life there’s no way you can fix it. Yes, the important thing is to try again and get back up if you hit rock bottom.

At different stages of life you will be required to make decisions where you can either quit on what you want to do and settle for the second best thing that comes your way or decide to fight out whatever stands between you and your aims. Those who pass through the rigorous phase of self denial and come out with a stronger willpower and ambitions are the ones who make it large in life and those who falter at the sign of failure store up on regrets and what ifs which don’t let them be at peace for a long time.

Talk to people who are close to you for an opinion but always remember to talk to multiple people and make sure that these people come from different backgrounds and can provide you with fresh insight into your goals and ideas. As much as it’s important to have a support group to cheer you up when you are not sure of yourself or your plans it’s also very essential to have people who can critique you and provide you with the other side of the coin if it’s not so happy and full of rainbows. The last decision and the last call, however, should always be yours. You should be confident enough to know that whatever you choose we will stick by it, that you will take responsibility of your actions be it carrying on with what you are doing or quitting.

nevergive up

Even though it’s important to say Never say Never it’s also imperative that you draw some lines and some benchmarks which can measure up your progress because investing time and energy without getting any outputs or results over a very long period of time isn’t healthy for the long term trajectory of life- this can include jobs, your personal relationship and even trivial things like Gym. If something doesn’t show result or growth even after putting in a lot of effort and considering all the options to make things right maybe it’s time to move on. Maybe you should be thinking around different lines. As much as it’s important to not quit due to fear of rejection or failure it’s also necessary that you realize when you are over doing things and when the water has gone above your head. Sit down, clear your thoughts, and write down pros and cons of whatever it is that you are doing. Take these pointers to people and instead of just hitting a blank wall again and again, make up your mind once and for all. And remember quitting doesn’t really mean giving up; it’s only a change in strategy. A little switch in strategy because it’s important to be pragmatic and practical when you are dreaming up. Starting over might resonate a bad note with you after putting in too much effort but it’s important to measure up your own growth and analyze your own life and actions. Things that aren’t yielding results or relationships that are taking their toll on you are better left outside the ambit of your life rather than clinging to them just to prove a point, however huge the repercussions maybe always make a decision and stay positive and remember, quitting isn’t same as giving up!

starting over

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