A Little Push at The Right Direction

Life spreads its light in all the directions. Which direction to pursue is the common question? Many a times we fail to judge what is wrong and what is right for us. When we are born, we want everything at once since we want to utilize all the energy that we possess to the maximum. However, we fail to recognize that we need to focus all our energy in one direction and not in several directions in a bid to gain each and every thing. In this manner, nothing will come our way. Our energy and wisdom will make us choose the right path and transform the barren land into plush fields.

There comes a moment in everybody’s lives when we need to focus our inner energy so that our life will have some meaning. Without a meaning, life appears to be a burden. It does not let you sleep in search of an answer. And that answer is hard to find. Live each moment to the fullest, as if it is the last moment of your life. Life is too short therefore do not squander your blessings.

Nobody can determine an absolutely correct answer to question of taking the right path. However, everybody sets his or her own path in the journey of life and treads along that cheerfully. Some people judge their path to be correct and draw up certain laws which they impose upon others. They force others to accept what they believe is the right direction. They write books, build temples and courts to propagate the path chosen by them as the ultimate and absolute truth.

Instead of wasting time grappling with what direction to take, one must decide to act. Go for the path that fills you with enthusiasm. Do not pay heed to others’ advice. Just listen to your heart and devote your life to the path chosen by you. Enthusiasm is the fire that pushes you towards your destination. One should not get diverted from the path they always wanted to travel and have chosen to travel because of a flame burning deep down their hearts. The road that you have taken is certainly linked to a mysterious impulse that describes your actions and your decisions which are linked straight to your heart. You should bow your head before that impulse since it deserves respect and stay true to it concentrating on the road ahead.

right direction

Use your intuition and follow a disciplined approach towards life and your set target. Resort to discipline when intuition fails you. Discover your will and pursue your goal with the right attitude. Behave like mad people when it comes to achieving your goal and taking the right direction. This madness is absolutely necessary. This very madness will take you to places. Your will to achieve reveals the goal and the direction that you should follow. Your will to achieve must be pure, crystalline and determined, as solid as a brick that helps you make a building step by step. In moments of doubts or sadness, your will to achieve will be tested and will get stronger with each passing day. You have to remember that only you are capable of reaching your set destination. Only you are capable of manifesting our own will and god’s will. The path that you have chosen for yourself will take you to the direction that you always wanted to be in. You have chosen your road and only you understand what your goal is.

Once you respect your chosen road and the destination, the road gets beautiful and the burden gets light. You just have to continue going with enthusiasm and respect for the mystery of the road and the mystery of life. Respecting this path or direction leads to the respect of the destination. This path brings you closer to your destination and gives you an unforgettable experience of life that you will always cherish. The goal can be large or small, it can be far away or right next door but the struggle that leads to the goal is always very beautiful. You have to go in search of the goal with respect and honor. You know what each step means to you and how much it costs in effort, training and intuition. You need to focus not just on the goal to be reached but also on the innumerable things happening around the goal. The experience never fails you. It certainly makes you stronger and helps you pursue your goals and ambitions in future with much more conviction. You often have to stop midway because your strength fails you but that is the key. You must not give up ever. Your never say die attitude will take you ahead of your times.

At times, you might think that you are heading towards a specific point. In fact, your achievement is not about the set point or the set goal. It is about the struggle and sacrifices made to reach that goal. It is about the journey that is to be made to reach the destination. Your love for the goal is the justification of its existence. Get up and carry on. Your goal is waiting to meet you!

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