It was a gloomy winter evening. The birds did not seem to chirp at all. The only bird that could be seen was just a black raven. This lack of sunshine and vitality just seemed to seep through her mind and body. She was walking across the Bond Street, glancing through the various boutiques and shops that had emerged there. It seemed as if she was caught within the web of mundane existence. Life seemed to have no meaning for her as the world around her was changing so fast that she could not match up to it. The constant downfall in the moral standards and freedom in the society irked her. The lack of compassion and companionship engulfed her joyous being. A feeling of helplessness grew about her as she found herself to be impotent. She felt that she could not do anything to bring about a change in the world. This existential crisis was so overwhelming that she could not make peace with it and had frequent bouts of schizophrenic activities.

This day, however, was going to bring a change in her life. This gloomy evening that showed no sign of vitality brought a pleasant surprise in her life. This day changed her personality. This was a red letter day. As she was passing by, she went to the public park and sat on a bench. This attempt to find solace in solitude was soon demolished with the arrival of an old woman of about sixty years old. Or was it going to bring in a ray of hope?


The girl’s face radiated with sadness and helplessness. The cold within resonated with the cold outside. Clearly, she was in no mood for a little chit-chat. She and the old lady shared a casual glance and got back to staring at the empty vast land ahead of them. A couple of minutes had passed and this eerie silence disturbed the old lady and she asked the girl if she would like to take a walk along her. The girl, much to her own surprise, agreed. As they strolled, the girl felt strong pangs of hunger inside her and started getting agitated. The old lady nearly stumbled over a small rock. But, instead of helping her, the girl was so caught up with her own needs that she yelled at her for not walking properly. The old lady just smiled. This came as a blow to the girl and she felt as if someone had really punched her hard in the face. They kept on walking a little further and came back to the spot from where they had started. As they perched on the wooden cuboid, the old lady took out a paper bag from her purse and handed it over to the girl. Then, she got up and kissed the forehead of thee girl and hugged her. The girl felt the feathery palm of the old lady on her heated scalp and started feeling light in her head. The old lady parted by saying, “All will be fine, my love.”

The girl was just numb. It seemed as if her limbs had fallen prey to an emotional paralysis. She felt blood rushing to her head. She felt like a withered leaf blowing away with the chilling wind outside. The indifference that she had shown to the old lady came back to her mind as flashes. Those dark flashes were cut by the bright dews that the old lady had left on her forehead. She opened the packet and found a sandwich in it. All this seemed unreal to her. How could have the old lady understood that she was hungry? How did she know that something was wrong with her and thus, all was not fine actually? She felt a slight curve on her face. There was a glowing radiance about her. She suddenly felt elated. It felt as if a huge burden had been lifted over from her head. She whispered, “Thank you.”

the little things matter

This change was brought within her because she had found the elixir of life. She was now aware of the universal language of emotions. She had understood life’s lesson. It is the little things that matter in life, she thought to herself. The propaganda that surrounds our lives regarding various ideologies of epic dimensions is a secondary thing. The primary and thereby, most important facet of life is the Everyday. If we utilize each day of our lives in a typical good way, then life is good. Simple gestures of love and human companionship are pregnant with the ability to bring a person out of misery fluently. Little acts of kindness and kinship go a long way in establishing a relationship of care and comfort with fellow beings. The ability to understand others’ pain is present in every person on this earth. Some people go towards the evil path while others roam freely in the wood of goodness. This aspect of goodness is capable of coming so naturally that one need not put much effort into it. However, just in case this does not hold true for all of us, then is there actually any harm in putting that effort? Just a simple text to a dear one, a smile to a stranger that passes by, a helping hand to the needy, a comforting shoulder to a sad one, a note of encouragement to the disheartened, a hug to a defeated…All these little things make a lot of difference.” If you are not able to do great things, then do little things in a great way.”

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