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It is rightly said by Levas Remmerswaal-“Good habits are worth being fanatical about.” Healthy habit is a routine that is beneficial to one’s body and mind. Habits can be good or bad, it depends on how they improve or develop our quality of life .Healthy habits does not seems to happen on their own and also they are all hard to maintain. To live a healthy life style it is very important for us to adopt healthy habits as early as possible. There is an old saying that “Health is Wealth”. By adopting various healthy habits, you  will always be fit.

“Adolescence” is the most important stage in your life to start developing healthy habits that will benefit your body and mind. Health is essential for every one of us. We should follow and obey the law of hygiene to keep our health well. Healthy diet can improve overall physique as well as mind and attitude and will make you fit and strong. As John Ryun said-“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.”

Eleven healthy habits that you should adopt to improve your life:

1. Take breakfast regularly


People who eat breakfast every morning tend to take more vitamins and minerals and less fat and cholesterol. It helps you to lose weight, energizes your body and mind. It stimulates metabolism and signals the body to start using fuel, instead of advertising fuel. When you skip morning meal, the body goes into the lack-down mode, burning far fewer calories. Morning meal should contain carbohydrates protein and a small amount of fat in order to get full benefit of breakfast. It is a fact that no single food can give you all the nutrients you need so eating a variety of food is essential for good health.

2. Eat fish and Omega-3 fatty acids to your diet:


Food is a good source of protein but relatively low in the bad type of dietary fat called saturated fat. Fish has omega-3 fatty acids that helps to reduce the risk of heart disease. We should eat fatty fish like-lake trout, salmon and mackerel and foods like soybeans, Canola, tofu and walnuts.

3. Get enough sleep


Sleep plays a vital role in maintaining good health as well as emotional and mental well being. Lack of sleep will affect your mood and produce hormonal stress levels and it will have a negative impact on your performance. During day if you eat food that contains a lot of protein when you sleep, the growth hormone is produced and protein synthesis in the muscle occur. So get to sleep if you want to grow bigger, stronger and faster.

4. Make social connections:


A social connection helps to keep mind active it also maintains level of serotonin in the brain. Through social connections, you can provide information, emotional support and offer a sense of belonging.

5. Exercise daily:

Young adults using running machine at the fitness club

Doing daily exercise will help us to control weight, promote better sleep, improve mood and boost energy, decreases stress and can prevent us from other diseases. Do exercise like swimming, running, biking or whatever physical activity you enjoy most for your whole life.

6. Regularly brush your teeth:


It is essential to maintain good oral health. It prevents tooth decay, and also prevents gum diseases, removes tooth stains and avoids bad breath. In order to maintain good oral hygiene, brush your teeth at least twice a day.

7. Protect your skin:


The best way to protect your skin is to stay away from sun because sun has some harmful ultra-violet rays that can cause wrinkles, dryness and age-spots. To protect your skin wear a hat with a brim and other protective clothing or wear sunscreen with SPF15 or higher and try to avoid sun exposure below 10AM and 3PM.

8. Eat fruit and vegetables:


Add fresh fruit and vegetables in your diet as a part of healthy diet. The food helps to boost good health and reduce the risk of some diseases like cancer, beating signs of aging, improve your memory, promote heart health and enhance immune system.

9. Drink water and milk:


Water and milk are essential for good health. They have lot of proteins, calcium and a nutrient that helps you to keep strong bones and teeth, and it can prevent you from high blood pressure, kidney stones, heart disease and colon cancer.

10. Take a daily walk:


It is a great way to improve or maintain your overall health. It reduces risk of heart disease and stroke, reduces body fat, and builds strong bones and improved balance between mind and body.

11. Drink tea :


It helps in improving memory and helps in preventing cavities, cancer and heart diseases.

So by adopting these healthy habits we can make our life healthy and enthusiastic. But these healthy diets are harder to maintain. It requires lot of courage and you have to be extremely determined to do so. You also need to be extremely optimistic. At the beginning many people fail to follow these healthy diets but you don’t have to give up .You will fail first time, second time but you will definitely get success the third time. Levas Remmerswaal stated that “Just do it! First make your habits and then your habits make you!”

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