Live Again The Lost Innocence

The swing set and the ice cream lollies, the fights and the quick patch-ups, the days of the park and days when we were forgiven for every errand are long gone now. Welcome to the green days when you work and work your rears off to back up everything. Life is no longer simple and it has turned to a twisted labyrinth of unfortunate and fortunate events. I no longer feel the fun while I pinpoint my finger to the fish and follow its movement. In fact, most of us would hardly have the spare time to watch our aquarium. Childhood memories have a unique sense of nostalgia. A child has no work, no anxieties and worries in their lives. It is only fun they hold and cherish. On recollecting the memories of childhood, I feel quite delighted over the high-spirited phase. Full of energy and innocence, children are the essence of life. How come we lose our innocence and attitude towards life? Does this change is due to entering the real world?


The past twenty years of my life have taught me that childhood is glorious and nothing can bring that period back. Those were the times when the bliss and entertainment were unadulterated. Should not one take some out from their busy routine and enjoy the moments of childhood, in fact relive them once in a while. I pity when I go to a park and see children sliding down. When I picture myself on those slides, I also notice glaring eyes on me from their parents. Hence I visit them along with my friends at a time when the children are not playing. It is cheaper than a yoga instructor and can make your body fitter than ever before. When going out to the McDonalds, why not order a happy meal and surprise everyone around!


I remember watching Pokémon and beyblade in the 5 to 6 slot of the evening. I used to rap their songs and do karaoke with my friends. I am pretty sure most of the readers would have been a huge Pokémon fan in their childhood. And some girls like me, would have had a big crush on its hero ash catch’em. At times when I have no good work while surfing the net, I watch Pokémon episodes and smile. Reminiscing about them will only get you all nostalgic and emotional, the better way is to relive them whenever you are free and want to. With every birthday, we grow up a little more and start to think that we could no longer rely on our parents. We become more mature and start taking our lives on a serious note. However one is not afraid to take on the future but the bites of employment, getting a handsome pay check and having a house of our own are some of the greatest worries of growing up. Major obstacles and expectations are thrown in our way. It is definitely a big challenge to get together the courage and knowledge to live it up.


In spite of the ranting we ought to take on the life as an adventure. Midst all of this, most of us would like to revisit our childhood days sooner or later. There are the things which we did not do and some things which we wish we would do time and again. There are some pivotal moments which need to be relived and rejoiced. The first bicycle ride, the first school best friend we had and the big fight with that best friend form the part of those moments. Moreover many of us would want to undo the wrongs and make them right. More than anything else, it would be great if we could just go back and feel the most trivial yet important things of a child’s life. Friendship, having a big group of guys and girls with no complications of falling in love and getting committed, losing the beyblade matches and swear to win the next match, winning the race games and a chocolate for prize to cherish and above all, the coolness of the gang. Believe it guys, we intensely want to be that again. The grown up life is a lot more fun, undoubtedly but defiled fun with many complications. Watch your old photographs and weave the story behind them. Make a collage depicting the timeline of your birthdays. If you loved some cartoons more than anything else, download their episodes and watch. Everyone, including me has the collection of friends, how I met your mother, the big bang theory in our laptops. But very few would have the seasons of Tom and Jerry, Scooby doo and the likes. Even if you don’t get to watch them, you should show them to your next generation. They would know that you had a wonderful childhood. Hide and seeks were one of the favourites of all. May be we became so good at hiding that our friends are still searching for us. We should probably get in touch with them provided we have the time. Life has become busy but do not stuff it with tensions. Have some space for the childlike fantasies. One can never buy the time, but can always bribe it.

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