Live each moment like it’s your last

Life is the most valuable gift of God. As believed by many that we come here to perform our assigned duties by God, might be true also, but this does not mean you always to run before that purpose leaving behind your own wishes. You are here in this world to live the beauty of life as God has chosen you, as His special one to admire His most wonderful creation. But there are some in fact many who by all efforts remain busy to catch hold of their aims on others’ expectations and lose themselves into the crowd of their aspirations. Setting up your aims is not wrong as without it your life would become pointless but losing your own self in the race is undoubtedly not right. The idea of predestination that everything in this world is pre-decided is duly believed by most of us but leaving everything on destiny and sitting without doing anything is also not justified. God though has planned everything for us, he has decided our end but the path towards that end has to be chosen by us.


As stated by the great thinker John Calvin, though humans do not have free will but they do possess a will to choose for themselves which path to tread on. Many people spend their whole life in calculations and planning for future. But give it a thought; do you know how long are you going to live? You never know, on which turn of life your death is waiting for you. The distance between your life and death is of just one breath. Then why to waste the time you got in useless long planning? Many people spend their whole life in sorrow, fear and apprehensions but what is the point of all this, I ask? Once you leave this world all these sorrows will be left here only. It’s better to live your life to the fullest without thinking about what you do not have. It gives more peace to your soul when you learn to enjoy in whatever you have and it is only through satisfaction that you can attain peace in your life.

As said by Shakespeare, “all world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players”, we come here, play our roles and leave. In this short period of our life, it is our own decision to live it either happily by enjoying all the gifts presented by God or to make it a journey of distress and sorrow. We all have complaints and dissatisfaction with life at one or the other moment as we do not live a utopian world. But it depends on us, how we perceive the troubles and challenges posed by life. Life is too short to worry upon. Making the optimum utilisation of this gift is to live in the way that makes it worth. Troubles come and go but what remains with you is your attitude towards facing and controlling the situation you are indulged in.


We live once but if it is done right, there is no space left for regrets. If we leave the chance of living life the way we want, we are only left with the words ‘I wish!’ But why to make life so complicated? Live your life the way you like it irrespective of what others will think about you. Most of the people restrain themselves from doing things of their choice with the fear of society. But if the very moment you die, will this society go with you? You have come alone in this world and have to go alone as well. Meanwhile in the walk of life we meet several people, make relations with them but these relations are to act as your support, not to drag you down. Doing things what your loved ones like is one thing and suppressing your own desires in fulfilling others’ wishes is another. And this is in no way a rightful act to do. It is true that you should keep in keep in mind sentiments and emotions of others and try not to hurt them but not at the cost of your happiness. All pleasures and dreams can be fulfilled only in this life. So, instead of carrying your life as a burden on shoulders you should enjoy each and every moment of it.

Nothing remains constant in this world nor does the human life. You can never be sure of anything happening around us so why to waste all your time in thinking about your future life? Living in present is better than dreaming about the future and yearning for past. What happens now can never come later on and involving in pointless arguments and fights is never a good option. Rather one should always be ready to enjoy each and every moment in the best way it can be done. Considering the instability of life and every other thing present in nature and in surroundings one should break free from the constrains of society and over burden of responsibilities and live each and every moment of life like it would never come back again.

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