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Have you ever gone back to the cartoons and anime shows you used to watch as a young one? If you haven’t, you absolutely must! Because some of them teach you things that are all the more relevant once you grow up. Take for example this conversation between Pooh and Piglet-

“What day is it?”
It’s today,” squeaked Piglet.
My favorite day,” said Pooh.”

How absolutely wonderful it’s to rejoice and revel in the beauty of today! The realization that no two days are alike if we don’t let them be and how any moment can lead to an adventure. We all want to feel different and be different and experience different things every day and yet we leave all these abstractions back in high school and move on to slip into skins of our grown up routines and use our jargon of terminology to define these ideas as null and romantic but if we just stop obsessing with our preconceptions and notions about these thoughts and just open our eyes to all that’s around us, the sheer magnanimity can put all our social conditioning to shame!


We are so absorbed in the fabric of what we come to call life that we forget what a day can bring. The stress of getting ahead in the so called rat race is so full that we don’t realize the number of things we leave behind. One of these things is the gift of wonder. A child figures each day as a day to wonder, to learn about all that there’s to learn about. He or she sees the world as full of life and as clay that can be molded around his or her own happiness. When do start calling this wonder naïve and absorb all that’s objective I am not so sure but what I can understand is the fact that it’s possible to still wake up each day and see the world with fresh eyes. The only thing that stops us from doing the same is our preconceived notions, but when will we realize nothing is absolute and the greatest mistake we can commit is stop our minds from wandering about the ways in which the world works.

As we leave our wander behind we also leave behind our ability to interact with almost anyone and anywhere. We are so engrossed into our own little worlds and the little circle of family and friends that we almost rude to the point of being ridiculous when it comes to strangers. Every day we go about our lives thinking we are so fortunate to have the people that we do, and even though that is great we are negating so many opportunities to meet the people out there. The girl you sit next to on the local train or the guy see at the cafeteria, they are all people with their own stories and making our own little world, we are isolating ourselves from worlds of these people who might be more like us than we like to think. Embracing today, means embracing opportunities and embracing people, for what would this world be if it was not for the people that make it?

live for today-carpe diem

I hear so many people complain about how monotonous their lives are getting, how they think new thoughts and have the same old conversations almost every day no matter where they are or what they are doing. The problem is not the lack of life that is happening around but rather our lack of enthusiasm and even willingness to notice this life. We fail to notice life! Opportunities and adventures don’t wait around with their red stop signs and screeching alarms to let you know that life is happening now. You have to be aware, up and about to know that it’s passing you by as you are busy complaining in your own world. The key then is to notice life. To notice the nuances and rhythms of the day, and how different people adjust differently to its whims, for at the end of the day we are all at the mercy of the world that we are born it but then again It’s not so much about running ahead and try to change the course of events themselves rather is it is about knowing that a single turn, a single conversation can change the entire line of your life.

And while some people might like to sit around and wait for fate to whip its winds and manifest these turns out of thin year taking ground from under your feet, the lucky few are vigilant enough to find their own wings and fly on opportunities that are whizzing all around us. Each day is full of possibilities and potentials. There never will be enough time to do all that you want to do in your life but working towards it step by step is the only way to go about it. And the best way to do that is to grow your own wings and fly a little higher everyday rather than waiting on the winds.


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