Live As If there is No Tomorrow


They say life starts from the letter ‘B’ and ends at ‘D’ i.e. life starts with Birth and ends with Death but between B and D, there is one more letter that is ‘C’ which stands for Choice and very truly life is all about choices, the choices that we have to make constantly throughout the journey of our life; the most important choice being how we want to live our life. Time is mainly categorized into three tenses; the past, the present and the future. The one which has happened is our past and very clearly it cannot be resurrected and the other one is the future tense which is unruly and no matter how hard we work for it still nobody can give us unity probability about the occurrence of the events as we have planned. Now, when we can do nothing about what has happened and even if we try we cannot do anything about our future the only tense that we are left with is our present.


Whether we accept it or not present tense is the most important time of our life because it is the only thing that is under our control. We are responsible for our present and it is our present that defines our future up to a certain extent. It is often witnessed that we are more concerned about what is set to come in our future and are more affected by what we did in our past. We should rather never look back because we are not going there ever. Yes, learning from the past mistakes is a necessity though but getting tangled in our past and the brooding over it is disadvantageous for us because whether it is the good old times or the bad times it is never going to come. Similarly, talking of the future, we cannot determine what is going to happen with us the next moment then how could some soothsayer can claim to tell us our future? The reality of our lives is that every time we are too busy brooding over our past and planning for our future that we totally neglect our present which is the most important aspect.


Everybody today is so treading the journey of life because they want to keep pace with others and don’t want to be left back; often we come across people stating that we are working today so that we have a better future but we never bother to enjoy our present. Have you ever given it a thought that what would happen to all the hard work or all the planning for future if we are not alive to cherish those? By saying all this I don’t mean to say that we should not work for future; we should but we should not them over power what we have just now. The moments that we have today will never return; the experiences which can have now will never come in future for everyday is a brand new day with new challenges and new experiences. People who learn to all balance all their tenses are the ones who live life to the fullest. Personally speaking, according to me the feeling of regret is the worst feeling in this world. Once having an opportunity to do something and letting it go intentionally or unintentionally and then feeling sad about it later is most lamentable thing in this world and this merely happens because we do not give the required amount of attention to our present and hence neglect the opportunities that we have then and later feel bad about it.


“Live life as if there is no tomorrow”, are the words by Mr. Mahatma Gandhi. He himself seemed to follow what he preached. He used to do all his chores as if he will not get another chance for it. Similar should be the condition with each and every one of us. We should treat each and every moment of our life as if we are not ever going to get those moments back. Lord Buddha once said,” Do not dwell in the past; do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.”


So let us confine ourselves to the present only for god has not given us the reins of the following moment. So slowing down and living the moment would be the most appropriate thing that should be done. Living as if there is no tomorrow means do as much good as you can; smile as you much can; love others as much as you can and spread as much happiness as you can today since tomorrow is unpredictable. Live today so that you relish these moments tomorrow and not regret for not enjoying those moments then. Do plan for future and do learn and cherish from the past moments but don’t let them overpower you. Live your today as happily as you can and future will surely be happier. I would now conclude by the very famous lines,

“Yesterday’s the past, tomorrow’s the future, but today is a gift and that is why it is called a gift.”

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