Living In Is Not That Bad

I was nervous. I have a sibling. I know how it is sharing a room. But then, she’s family. We’re at home. We’ve been living together since we were born. It’s different. Now, I’ll have to share a room with a boy. Yes I know I love him, and I want to take this step forward, take “us” to the next level, but I am still a little nervous. How is it, living with a guy? Is it difficult? Will I be able to adjust? Will we be okay? Will he be able to accept all my nuances? Will I be able to accept his? What if it leads to us not being able to bear each other at all? What if we get sick of each other’s habits? What if we can’t handle each other? These were the thoughts that had gone through my mind when I had agreed to living in with my love. Yes it is a clichéd term, calling him “love” but he is just that. My love. We had decided to the take it to the next level. Move in together. We were ecstatic. This would be perfect for us. We love being together anyway. This would sort of be an eye opener for us, getting to know each other completely. It was fun. Interesting. When we moved. We had an entire place to ourselves. It was ours. We could do whatever we wanted. We had a place to go back to. This was “home” for us. We would make it our home, together. We set everything up. Cleaned the house. Put the mattress’, set the cushions, put the lights, making it a young, relaxing place. Making it our heaven. The next step was painting. We knew what we wanted. Actually I knew, because well he doesn’t paint. But it was exciting, doing everything together. That day turned into a huge paint fight as we were full of colors by the end of the day, tired and content at a good days work. Everything was perfect. it was us, together, in our home. Now, it was just up to the both of us to maintain the meaning of “home” here. We all have dreams, thoughts, desires.



We all want that special love; feel that connect. We both hoped nothing would ruin that. Our first night, I remember, coming to bed, into his arms, both of us were quiet, letting the feeling sink in: this is how it’s going to be for the next couple of months. We’ll be together, like this, on the same bed, in each other’s arms, with no one looking, no one judging. We had a place to come back to. we looked at each other, our breaths filling the silence was like music to our ears, and we smiled. We were here. We had finally done it. We were living together. It’s not that bad you know. It’s good actually. It’s a lot of fun and it’s really, really good. It seems like it’s meant to be. it seems perfect in a way. We clean the house together. We eat together. We watch movies, snuggled up. We wrestle, have pillow fights, dance like crazy. Some people may think it’s a huge step, some people think it’s moving too fast, but I don’t think it matters what those some people think. The position we are in, the place in life we both are in right now, the timing seems perfect. Us being together, seems perfect. It’s not that hard, living in. it’s fun actually. You learn the most intimate things about each other. You learn to trust, to work together, to live together the way you are. You learn to be what you are in your rawest form, and still receive love from the other end. You start accepting each other, including all the faults you may have. You devise a way to work around any problem that may arise. You learn to live. There are a lot of ups and downs that come up. The trick is to deal with them without hurting the other or yourself. That’s what you learn. That’s what I learnt. Today he and I are going strong (touchwood) and we’re happy this way. We know each and every detail about each other. We understand each other.

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A live in may seem like all fun and games, it may seem like an opportunity to indulge in a lot of sex, which is sort of true, but there are other plus points to it as well. If you think about it, in todays’ world, you never really can judge a book by its cover. You never know someone entirely. This way, you do. I did. It still remains, till date, one of the best decisions of my life. trust me, if you feel he or she is the one but you don’t k now how it might be in the long run, try moving in. it helps. A lot. I don’t have any more queries, I’m not nervous about any of his habits. I’m not scared of the future. I know how it’s going to be. I got a gist of it through this step I took. I’m glad I did. It was a risk, but it was worth it.

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