Long Distance Only Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

“Never let go off a person whom you think you can’t live without”
~ Unknown

Globalization has turned the world into a very small place. When the world became very small, people could communicate more often and more easily to get to know each other! But what if there arises a situation where you have to leave your loved ones and stay in a different part of the world due to work or any other reason or the vice-verse happens. If the loved ones are parents or siblings or even relatives, we tend to have our patience waiting for them and cherishing their memories. Can the same be applied if the loved one is your boyfriend/girlfriend?

Well, most of the present generation says that long distance relationships do not work and even if they work, it is very hard to maintain it. They tell reasons like “the amount of trust doesn’t remain the same, time zone variations, the situations that they encounter vary etc. “and all these lead to the decision of breaking up mutually before either of them leaves to other place. However, this perspective of today’s youth is not correct. The current generation has proved its Excellency in various fields like technology, innovation, business, politics and many more. But why are they being scared of taking some “responsibility” regarding another person when they like that person so much?

Making a relationship work mainly depends on the amount of responsibility you take towards it apart from loving the person and taking care of them. Consider the case if your parents leave to some other part of the world without you, does that mean that you break all bonds with them just because you can’t stay with them. No, that doesn’t happen; same is the case with your partner too.
If relationship is a burden to you then there is nothing you can do about it. But if you really love your partner and try to figure out some way so that both remain happy during your long- distance relationship, then you can try these out.

1. Understand your priorities and your partner’s priorities
There is some reason for one of you to leave the other person and go to a different place. Make that reason as your primary priority and work around it. Let it be for study, work or any other reason. For example, if either of the couple left the country for higher studies, the other person needs to understand that study is the primary reason and this reason should not be affected at any cost. Only then there will be no conflicts on this major issue in the future.




2. Adjust your time zones
This is the most commonly faced problem. Sometimes these two people stay in extremely opposite time zoned countries and complain that they do not get enough time to communicate between themselves. Though it looks like a serious problem, it has a very simple solution.
If not every day, try staying awake late night or waking up early in the morning at least once in 3 days to talk to your partner and this tip can be practiced by couple alternatively (once the guy gets compromised with sleep and once the girl). The happiness you get by talking at that time is more worthy than those few hours of sleep.


adjust time

3. Do things together
Both of you may get a free day a week in common, if not a day, at least a couple of hours. Make the most of it. Do things together; watching the same movie, listening to the same music and chatting over internet discussing it etc. Though this seems a simple solution, this makes you feel that your loved one is beside you.




4. Communicate at least once a day
Communication does not always mean that you need to talk to the other person or chat with them over the internet. A small message or even an email is also a way of communication. They may or may not be answered instantly by your partner, but they carry a fragrance of you and it will really make your partner happy having your memories around them all the day.




5. Stay with them when they need you the most
This, of all the stages may be a bit difficult. When your partner is ill or is facing some problems regarding his/her work, it is your responsibility to stay with them; if not physically, in mental form. It is your duty to call them up, comfort them and assure them that everything will be fine. You should be his/her support and her determination to overcome their difficulties. Even if this means that you have to stay awake late in the night and talk to them regarding their problems, yes, you have to do this. Bonding and trust are built from situations like this when you think for them and encourage them to get better.




6. Exchange personal objects as gifts
Before you move on to the long-distance relationship, make sure you exchange some personal objects mutually which will stay a memory of you to the other person. It may be anything, from a key chain to a bag, a bracelet to a locket, anything. It may seem very small and childish but this really brings comfort, happiness and the thoughts of being with that person.
Also the world now has become a small place where one can always order gifts online and get them delivered to any corner of the world. Birthdays, special occasions can be made even special by such gifts. Couple key chains, rings and lockets are always a better idea!!


exchange          OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

7. Be Positive
Staying positive and ignoring the negative effects of long-distance relationships is important in keeping your relationship beautiful and smooth. You get a lot of personal time, so use this opportunity to pursue your interests, understand your goals and work towards them. Staying in a long-distance relationship tends to turn you into a more creative person as you need to find fresh and innovative ways to communicate with and impress your partner.


Relationships are beautiful; never break them for the sake of minute reasons like “distance”. Your love is much stronger than the distance that is holding you people apart. All it takes is a sincere effort and responsibility to maintain your relation successfully.
I am sure everyone would follow these small steps to make your life more beautiful and happier. All the best!!

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