No Longer Complicated: Women Decoded

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Ah a woman. A creation so intriguing, so complex, so twisted that people find them hard to comprehend. If you are a man/boy you probably must wonder why the female species are so tough to get through. Is there something we are missing out on or simply they are complicating things for themselves and messing our heads with it. Well being a woman myself, I too question why it is so hard for someone to understand us. And it’s not the just men who have this issue the ladies do too! Yeah probably that’s why we either hate or love each other. It is not always that only a couple have issues as such, sons/daughters not understanding their parents, friends not being there, “forever alone” syndrome *no it’s not an actual syndrome term*, rough upbringing etc. Various factors lead to misunderstanding of the female mind.

Some things you must understand about a woman: she is extremely sensitive, nothing new eh? But she can also be a strong and benevolent woman too. Her happiness lies in your happiness, be it whatever role she is playing of; a mother, daughter, friend, sister, wife, girlfriend. They are always willing to listen to your problems and be there for you. They may expect the same in return but will not say it. A big issue I think, “Expecting” and “not speaking up”. Since they might be worried about hurting the others sentiments and women tend to be quite self-conscious they will not speak up, which leads to majority of the problems they face. A woman is fierce and gentle, depending on the way she thinks of herself and the way she is being treated. They need care and understanding. I think they in one word they are “Self-less”. Sadly not all women are the same, there exists the selfish kind also. As much as she may think about the people who matter to her in the end she has to think of herself too. All of this has to do with the way a girl is brought up and how her conscious mind reacts to the surrounding. Isn’t that how we all essentially learn the art of living?

I feel there is no difference in trying to make a woman or man happy. Just like not every fruit looks identical same way we humans are not identical either. If one tries to study these little differences and enact on them probably you will stop complaining about how tough it is to understand someone. Then there is the issue of personal opinion. Maybe their viewpoints do not adhere to yours and you feel the need to disconnect. Well, trying to know where and why they are saying/feeling/behaving in such way could help. You know using the “Theory of Deduction” *I technically did not learn it from Sherlock* is actually quite helpful. Try it sometime. Not that you will always consent with what they are saying but you could help them get to the greater truth if you think they are thinking of the wrong things. Simple as that! It is not a lot to do.

You complain you do not understand your mother/girlfriend/wife/sister/friend because she just over thinks everything and acts in an immoral way or you think she is plain dumb. But then I guess, women behave the way do during normal situations because they care a bit too much. Can’t help it we are wired that way. Not that men do not act obnoxious at times, of course they do. Sometimes only a man can understand a man and vice versa with a woman. The worst part of being a woman is, all the physical issues, PMS, giving birth, bone issues, breast/cervical cancer and the list never ends which makes her kind of irritating at times. Then there is also the issue of envy and beauty. No I won’t really speak much on that topic because well, we all know just how we girls like finding faults in other girls and I find that aspect very irritable. But apart from all that, there really is not much to why they are hard to get through.

Try looking at every individual as a song, which the build-ups and deep lyrics and an amazing solo and vocals. Or even a book. Each woman has a different story to tell. Now I bet you expect me to say how women in today’s society are absolutely disregarded, well maybe you know why. Misunderstood. It is not always the case, some women tend to behave in such way leading to trouble paradise or sometimes it an obligation. But through all the hardships, women are climbing peaks now that men have climbed since the times advent. This is something she should feel proud of

So you whoever you are reading this, uncomplicated yourself and let people understand you. Speaking up is what needs to happen, then will all this cribbing end. She brought you into this world and you will perish in her arms so respect your woman, be there for her and in return you will end up with one of the greatest gifts in your life.

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