Where To Look For Beauty?

A thing of beauty is a joy forever ~ John Keats


We often hear people complimenting us, “hey, you look beautiful.” Or people who admire a painting, ” Wow! This is so beautiful.” People also call materialistic things like jewelry or dresses as ‘beautiful’. A panoramic view of a hill station is also called ‘beautiful’. Antiques are also called ‘beautiful’ and hot actresses are also considered to be ‘beautiful’. So the question that comes up here is that what actually is BEAUTY? What does beauty consist of? Who or what can be called as beautiful? Whether a thing that seems beautiful to me will be beautiful for her?What can be the definition if beauty?

My definition of beauty can totally be different from hers/his. She may say that beauty is when you have a pretty face. But I may say that beauty is when you have a pretty heart. He may say that beauty is in the lavishly lit skyscrapers of Las Vegas. But I may say that beauty is in the vast green meadows of Kashmir. He may say that expensive cosmetics and technical surgeries can make you look beautiful. I may say that if you are born with  a beautiful heart, you remain pretty for life. So this way different people have different perceptions of beauty and it is not necessary that we arrive at a universally accepted view.

real beauty

But according to me, beauty has a totally different notion. It is not about fashion, dresses or make up. It is also not about a zero size figure, fuller breasts and hips or 6 packs. It is not about acne less skin, fair complexion and sharp features. Unfortunately, majority of the people across the world, especially youngsters have a wrong conception of beauty. For them it is only the external beauty that matters the most. Any girl who wears a short sexy dress and puts on the gloss and the mascara can look exceptionally beautiful. Any boy who works out at the gym and is tall, bodily and has flat stomach can look exceptionally handsome. This notion of beauty is so prominent across the world that the entire cosmetic industry, garment industry, gymnasium industry etc. flourish on it. But is this real or is it fake? Is this the beauty that we are looking for? If after washing your face, your entire make up vanishes, are you still beautiful? Is there no conception of internal beauty? Does internal beauty even exist for we youngsters? If a person is externally pretty, how do we know that he has a good heart even? Are all beautiful people really beautiful? Beauty is not in the face, it is a light in the heart. Beauty is not about a slim figure, it is about a big heart. Beauty is not in looks, it is in the words. No matter how ugly you look externally, if you have a kind soul, you are definitely beautiful. No matter how many times you have heard the ‘not so pretty’ comment, if you care about people around you, you are definitely beautiful. If you are honest, you are beautiful. If you respect people and their way of life, you are beautiful. If everyone around you loves you and you have no enemies, yes, you are beautiful. If you are a adjusting person and don’t fight on petty issues, you are beautiful. If you know how to control your anger, you are beautiful. If you are there to help others, you are the most beautiful. Real beauty lies in simplicity, in harmony and in creativity. It is all about kindness, love and compassion.

internal beauty

Apart from personal level, beauty also lies in the world around us. You may find the artificial decoration in the malls very beautiful, but is this what you call beauty? You may find a well furnished and modern bungalow very pretty, but is this ‘beauty’? People today find beauty in the 5 star hotels, in the 20 floor glass buildings, in the well crafted residential societies. But unfortunately, this is not real beauty. Beauty is when you see a birds flying a clear blue sky and the bright sun gazing at the lush green ground beneath it. Beauty is when you get up early to see the incredibly pretty sunrise. Beauty is in the vast, never ending sea. Beauty is in seeing the horizon at the sea shore. Beauty is gazing at the lofty mountains that teach you always walk with your head held ‘high’. Beauty is in the rain, beauty is in the rainbow that is formed afterwards. It is in the happy face of every child, the wrinkled soft face of an old man, the blushing red face of an adolescent. Beauty is present all around us. It is just our inability, that we fail to acknowledge it.


Its time that we should think out of the box and change our definition of beauty. Beauty and ugliness is there, everywhere. It is upon us as to what we call as beautiful and what we regard as ugly. What you do, the way you think, makes you beautiful.

“The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen.” ~Elisabeth Kubler- Ross

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