Look for Happiness Where It is Actually Available

Sahil Gupta , my neighbor, earlier I used to envy him in a way. He is living a dream life that anybody would want to have, at least on the superficial level as it looks n seems. Lucrative job, excellent salary package, a Toyota Camry , a beautiful wife and a house adorned with all Sanjay Leela Bhansali styled chandelier and curtains, only at the age of 33. Everything is fulfilled, what else one wants, right?

Then one fine day, we had a chat over what we want in our life? Let’s make a wish list. I unveiled my list first as it was my idea. Well, my list was quite long lasting and needed more piece of paper than him. Then it was his turn to disclose and my turn to be surprised. He only wrote one thing on that list and that was “Happiness”. I gasped in surprise and said “really”? And he nodded saying ‘yes’. This instilled a pursuit of happiness in me. I wondered even after achieving everything, if someone craves for happiness then the equation is somewhere wrong.

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“Happiness”, a feeling which is thought to be the destination of everything, we do. A state of mind that we all unanimously want to reside in .The most fundamental feeling that we wish to have even if we don’t have anything. Happiness is that state where we are comfortable inside without any turbulence.

Happiness is basically contentment but it is not excitement that we tend to mix with. We know what happiness is because we have experienced it in our life but there are certain barricades, adulteration, terms and conditions through which it has gone over a period of time and has been perceived as something else and not as it actually is. It has been searched everywhere but not where it actually is available.

According to psychology, happiness is harmonized mind and religions define it as the inherent and true nature of every soul. Each mind has the impression of happiness but with the passage of time our acquired impressions and habits have overlapped it.

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“Happiness depends upon ourselves”- Aristotle    

Rising sun, chirping birds, breezy air, the very first sip of coffee early morning and we are comfortable inside. All is well. We really need not much to be happy. But life is a series of events. It unfolds several scenes back to back. Some scenes go in our favor and some goes into contrasting direction. This is what the life is all about. Situations are not in our control. They will always vary. But the one thing which is in our hand in every fluctuating situation is the response to this. And this ability to response defines how consistent our happiness will be. The biggest pity is that we make our happiness dependent on situations. Situations are meant to be mutable. If this belief is ingrained in our mindset then to cope with unfavorable situation becomes a cakewalk and our happiness remains constant because in reality situations don’t bring or snatch happiness. Sometimes they are in our favor and sometimes not but it is our response which decides whether to be happy or to be disturbed in those shifting conditions.




 “The happiness of your life is decided by your own thoughts – Marcus Aurelius”

 So simple is the quote given by Marcus Aurelius but at the same time it is profound too. There is a common notion that even materialistic objects give us happiness. Such as a new dress, brand new car, any piece of jewelry or any object. Here we get misled. Happiness is a feeling. It is intangible and can only be felt. Any materialistic object can’t give us feeling because they themselves don’t possess it. They provide us for what they are meant to give. A new dress can cover the body and beautify it, same with the jewelry piece. A posh car can give me facilities and comfort because it is made for that aim but it is not necessary that I will always be happy sitting in that car. I might be going through a bad emotional or professional phase and I am inside that posh car. The car is still the same and providing me the same luxury but my state of mind and quality of its thought are not uplifting anymore. So even with that dream car I am not happy.

Objects never give us happiness. Our own thoughts of achieving those objects create happy feelings within us. There is a psychological cycle according to which, thoughts create feelings. Feelings generate attitude towards anything and when we act in any particular way, it leaves an impression on the mind. Outer things only work as stimulant and then we choose our thoughts and those chosen thoughts decide our happiness index but most of the time we are unaware of choosing part and hence think that objects give us happiness. But actually it is not available outside in any object. These objects can provide us comfort, convenience but happiness is something that we choose.



Happiness is an independent creation of our own which we can choose irrespective of any situations and independent of any materialistic objects. Let’s be aware of it and be happy frequently. Let’s don’t mix it with excitement or sensations coming from outside. Let’s try to be happy and vibrate it to all. It is that priceless feeling that gets multiplied when it is shared. So let’s not barricade it or make it dependent on anything. Let’s be happy, be our true self.

Search it inside. It is actually available there that too in abundance.

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